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Ola and James Jordan's daughter Ella reaches huge milestone - see exclusive video

Little Ella has said goodbye to her cot…

Sophie Hamilton
Sophie HamiltonParenting Editor
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A huge congratulations to the adorable Ella Jordan who is celebrating moving into her big girl bed!

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The two-year-old daughter of professional dancers James and Ola Jordan reached a huge milestone this week when she moved from her cot into her first proper bed. Sweet Ella had shocked her parents by climbing out of her cot and hurting herself, so it was goodbye cot, hello bed.

WATCH: Ella moves into her new bed!

In this week's HELLO! parenting column, James and Ola tell us all about Ella's frightening fall from her cot and how James went all DIY on us as he transformed his daughter's bed for her next stage in life. "Dancer does DIY," he joked.

Check out the couple's exclusive video above to see how it went!

The family are also preparing to go on holiday together and we can't wait to hear all about that next week. Read their column below…

Ella's nighttime fall

Ola: Ella, do you want to say what happened to you last night in bed?

Ella: Fell out!

James: You climbed out of your cot didn't you… when mummy and daddy were asleep.

Ella: Yeah, sore.

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ella scooter

Ella rides her scooter at home

Ola: She's got a big scratch all down the side of her body.

James: Down her ribs, she's got this big graze where she's obviously fallen on her side.

When it happened I was downstairs with a group of my friends all playing poker till about 1am. Ola was upstairs in bed.

Ola: Yes, I was in bed and the monitor was on, as I always do and I fell asleep. I think it must have stopped working because all I remember is waking up and running into Ella's room.

I opened her door and she was standing in the middle of the room going, 'Mummy! Mummy! Mummy!' I literally grabbed her everywhere, making sure she was ok. I was like, 'Oh my god, what happened?' Looking for blood and everything, but thankfully she was fine.

James: When she woke up in the morning, she was going, 'Sore back!' So the cot needs to be changed now.

ella house

Ella's new bed!

HELLO!: Are you going to sleep in a big girl bed now Ella?

Ella: No.

James: Do you sleep with mummy and daddy?

Ella: Yeah, mummy, daddy and Ella!

James: She's really talking a lot now, more than ever. She puts a sentence together.

Ola: Yeah I was teaching her this rhyme today and she said it…

Ella: Yeah, mummy sit, call the doctor quick quick quick!

jordan family

Ola, Ella and James

Moving to a big bed

James: So today I have to dismantle Ella's cot and turn it into a bed by taking the sides off.

Ola: But obviously that's a big job for him…

ella happy

Ella's pleased with her bed

James: It's like building a house isn't it. It's a major construction. It's funny because my mate owns a baby store called Pram World and he said it's a shame he's not here because he said he could do it in 15 minutes – he's up north. I reckon it will take me about two to three hours.

I'll definitely do it today. As long as Ola has got the instructions…

Ola: Of course I've got the instructions. I'm an organised person.

James: That is true. I'm a very disorganised person, but I'm a doer. It'll be an interesting day. There'll be lots of swear words. Obviously not when Ella's around though.

ella bedroom

Someone loves her new bed

The verdict!

Ola: Ella absolutely loved her new bed. As soon as she went upstairs and saw it she was like: 'New bed! Mummy new bed, new bed!' It was so sweet. I thought it would go either way – either she'd hate it or she was going to love it.

And she slept in it till 2am, which is good - and she didn't fall out! We put a lot of thick covers around it in case she fell out because we haven't got any barriers yet.

When she woke at 2am she came to our bed, which is normal – I don't think that's going to change. We still kept her door shut, but at some point, I'll leave her door open and see if she comes into us without waking us up. That's the next plan!

ella new bed

Ella's cot bed is the Silvercross Nostalgia from Pram World 

Packing for holiday

Ola: We're going to Abu Dhabi on Friday. To be honest with you, I don't know how I feel about going away at the moment with what's going on in Ukraine. But we promised to take James' mum away on a nice break as it's been a tough year. It's the anniversary of losing James' dad, so we wanted to do something nice for her and have some quality time together.

Ella's already talking about holiday and she saw me buying her some swimming costumes because she's grown out of her old ones now.

James: She wouldn't try them on. She hates them!

Ola: I bought her pretty ones with frills and she's like 'No mummy no!'

James: I went shopping for the first time in ages on my own yesterday, because I'm not a massive clothes person.

Ola: Yeah but he's bought the whole shop! Can I just add, mummy hasn't bought anything yet.

James: Shall we go look at your wardrobe Ola?

Ola: I can't fit in anything in that wardrobe!!

James: That's why I had to go shopping as well – because I couldn't fit in anything.


Ella loved her last holiday to Dubai

HELLO!: Is it just the three of you going on holiday?

James: And my mum

HELLO!: So you have a babysitter on hand – will you go on a date night?

James: I don't know, she's more of a party person than us!

Ola: We're not really worried about going out together. We enjoy Ella so much – she's at such a cute age right now, we can have funny conversations with her.

James: And she stays up late when we're there anyway. When we went to Dubai, she stayed up late in the evenings with us and then she woke about 10am the next morning. It was perfect really.

Ola: We're not really romantic to be honest with you. I'm with him all the time. The last thing I need is another date night!!

James: I don't want to be on my own with her! (laughs).

We know they are joking….

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