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Alesha Dixon gives rare insight into her family life and how her kids inspire her

Guest-editor Alesha Dixon talks balancing ambition with passionate parenting

Lily Waddell
Lily WaddellPremium Content Editor
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Alesha Dixon works hard to juggle her glamorous showbiz job with being a mum of two.

Her glittering career seemingly has no limits: from her stint as a pop star with band Mis-Teeq to her life-changing Strictly Come Dancing win in 2007, a decade on the panel of hit talent show Britain’s Got Talent, and now she’s in the process of writing her seventh children’s book.

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Guest-editing HELLO!’s Back to School Digital Issue, the singer gets candid about how she didn’t always have the confidence she has now and admits she still has doubts despite her success.

Remaining as ambitious as ever in her career, Alesha, 43, reveals her dreams for the future.

Among her biggest hopes is the strong desire to be a good role model to her daughters Azura, eight, and Anaya, three, who she shares with her partner Azuka Ononye.

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What is your secret to juggling being a busy mum of two with your high-profile showbiz career?

"The most important thing to me is being the driving force behind everything I do. Whether that’s the smallest thing - making sure my diary is balanced, making sure my children get to see me and I still get to go and earn a living to support them and myself. I look after my business, I am the driving force behind that, therefore I can kind of make sure everything works in harmony.

Alesha Dixon with hello 2

In the library with Alesha Dixon

Suit by Byblos, belt by Prada, shoes by Jimmy Choo, earrings by The Hoop Station

"Sometimes you have periods where you don’t see your children as much, but I always make sure they have quality time with me. When you are self-employed and you are in the creative industry, there is no set 9-5. You have to go with the flow. To some people, it might seem busy, but you have busy moments, quiet moments, and that’s normal for the entertainment industry.

"My kids see that, they understand that. You bring them along when you can and when you can’t they have to accept Mummy’s out there doing her thing. Hopefully, that’s also a strong lesson for them: if you want something in life you’ve got to go out there and work for it. It’s not going to fall in your lap."

Alesha Dixon with hello logo 4 zjpg

Working hard as the guest-editor of HELLO's digital issue

Suit by Annakiki, earrings by The Hoop Station 

What does the balance of life mean to you?

"Finding balance is living your life in a way that is as calm and stress-free as possible. It is a state of mind. We all know what it feels like when we fall off balance. But true balance is accepting that life is unpredictable, and that life does test us.

"The best thing you can do is stay calm within the chaos that is going on around you."

What advice would you give your younger self at school?

"If I could go back and talk to myself as a kid, I wish I could have said stop worrying so much. It’s just wasted energy. I realise how much I used to worry as a kid. I was afraid of a lot of things. I was fearful of so much. It took me many years to get to a place of not feeling completely fearless - but feeling fear in a positive way instead of a negative way.

Alesha Dixon with hello logo

Her drive has taken her to the top

Full look by Cult Gaia, shoes by Sophia Webster, earrings and rings by Joanna Laura Constantine

"At this point in my life, I don’t worry about things not working out. I dive into it but as a kid, sometimes fear can cripple you and stop you from doing things. At the age of 17, I was so nervous of things.

"I’d love to say to my younger self, 'Don’t worry too much. If something doesn’t work, it’s OK, you are going to become a better person because of that. It’s the process of life.' I want to share that wisdom with my kids."

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Do you think your TV career has helped your confidence?

"I’m more content in my skin and more grounded in myself. Every life experience has helped. Confidence is built over time. People worry about getting older.

"But I think one of the most amazing things is the inner calm that comes from having more wisdom. Yes, I’ll remember that when I get my next grey hair come through!"

How do you get me-time and what do you like to do?

"Me-time is working out with a trainer, that’s my window to switch off from the world. I find that so therapeutic. Being in the woods, having that quiet time. Time with my partner, although that’s not really me-time, that’s us-time.

alesha dixon with family

Alesha has found lasting love with her partner Azuka Ononye (above in 2020)

"In fact, I had this conversation with my partner the other day and we were both saying even though you are a couple, would you go away on your own? The idea of going away on my own, I thought I wouldn’t like that at first but at the same time, we were saying it would be so important to take time alone in your own thoughts and time for you.

"We’re very lucky - my mum helps out with the kids, so we are able to get time for us as a couple. There is a juicing retreat in Portugal, called Juicy Oasis founded by Jason Vale. I go there once a year and spend the week detoxing.

"That’s my selfish week where I am away from the kids for five or six days. Now I call it my week of self-love. It’s how I reset, recharge, have some me-time. Then you’re a better parent because you are calmer. You are energised."

Why do you think it’s important to be a role model to your daughters?

"If you choose to have children, you are their first introduction to the world. I make a very conscious effort that my daughters have a very loving, supportive home with two parents who are great role models. I feel a sense of responsibility."

As a children’s author, why do you write book characters for your daughters?

"I’ve always been a writer whether that is through poetry or songs. I remember at school writing was one of my favourite things to do. I started writing a book when I was 18, something I have still got. If I had the gift of time alone, I would write more. Children’s books felt like a lovely way in.

Alesha Dixon with logo6

"I make a really conscious effort to give my daughters a loving home," says Alesha

"For me, it is important for children to feel included. When I was a young girl at school, reading books was something I liked because I loved reading, but I never felt like I saw myself within those books. I don’t want my daughters to feel like that. And I’m a bit of a don’t like something, do it yourself person.

"There is nothing more heart-warming than a parent saying, 'My kid loves reading because your book inspired them' or World Book Day comes around and you see kids dressed up as Lightning Girl. Now I’m in the middle of writing my seventh children’s book which will be released in 2023."

alesha holiday with family

Alesha hopes to inspire her daughters to achieve great things

You were fantastic on Strictly Come Dancing, do you keep up with the ballroom dancing?

"No, where would I go ballroom dancing? I don’t do ballroom and Latin dances. The amount of training you do stays with you. The love is still there. The memories are still there. Strictly was life-changing for me.

"It will always hold a special place in my heart because of that and I have a love of dance. The Latin dance comes out occasionally, but ballroom dancing is not something you pull out on a Saturday night."

Would you go back to Strictly Come Dancing?

"No. For me, it is always better to move forward. I always say you stay somewhere as long as it feels good. I’ve been very fortunate to be part of Britain’s Got Talent for a decade now.

Alesha Dixon 7 with logo

"People worry about getting older, but inner calm comes from having more wisdom," says Alesha

Full look by LAPOINTE, shoes by House Of CB, earrings by The Hoop Station 

"Fortunately, it still feels good. Strictly was an amazing chapter, as was Mis-Teeq. It’s about the next thing now. When I’m older, I want to look back and see I tried lots of different things. I am a person who can get bored quickly. It is a balancing act, striving for more but being grateful with what you have."

How did you find filming Australia’s Got Talent Down Under?

Alesha Dixon3 with hello logo

Alesha is still as ambitious today as she was when she first found fame

"We loved it! My sister was with us. Azuka’s brother was with us. Everything we do we try and make it a family experience and lots of fun for everyone. It’s a privilege to be able to take your family to the other side of the world. It was an adventure! We did make sure everyone had fun, although it did rain 90% of the time.

"But I was able to catch up with Su-Elise, my Mis-Teeq band member. She has a little boy. Our kids had lovely playdates together… I’ll tell you a funny story.

Alesha Dixon with logo

Alesha's favourite bold look from our shoot

"The day we left to go to the airport, my eight-year-old said to me, 'Why do we have to go to Australia? Why couldn’t they have picked someone else?' On the day we left, 'Mummy I want to live in Australia.' That’s eight-year-olds for you. They are literally in the moment. We could learn a lot from them."

What do your daughters think of your career?

"My eight-year-old, whenever she comes to Britain’s Got Talent, she loves the show, however, I think she is more interested in what other kids are there that she can have a play date with. Sometimes she thinks my job is cool, sometimes she’s not bothered. Again, it’s her normality."

How do you look after your emotional health?

"I forgive myself when I have a bad day. A balanced day doesn’t mean a perfect life. It means recovering from things, managing things in a calmer way. I think becoming a parent has helped me calm down a lot.

"I’m very mindful of not letting my kids see me get too stressed. Don’t get me wrong, some days they do see me get a bit stressed. I’m human, we’re all human."

alesha daughter

"If you want it, you have to work for it. It's not going to fall in your lap," Alesha says

Where do you want to take your career next?

"I’m very grateful at this point I still feel very ambitious. On a creative level, I’m still writing music. I’m hoping to put something out this year or next year. It is still a dream of mine to work as a voice-over animation artist and pursue an acting career.

"Like everyone, I have moments where I just want to give up on things. Then I have that little voice within, ‘No, if you are still passionate, keep pursuing.’ At this point in my career, I still have those moments where I doubt things."

Alesha Dixon logo last one

"It took me many years to get to a place of feeling fear in a positive way"

Dress by Nanushka, boots by Christian Louboutin, jewellery by Joanna Laura Constantine

What inspired you to go into wellness with your brand NobleBlu?

"I’ve always had a healthy relationship with wellness, as young as I can remember. I wanted to be a sports teacher before I got into this industry. The pandemic encouraged us to get our creative juices flowing and come up with new, exciting ideas.

"I have always had a healthy relationship and passion for the wellness space, so this seemed like a natural fit."

Alesha Dixon products with logo

She dreamt as a kid of being a sports teacher

What inspired your name NobleBlu?

"NobleBlu is a combination of my name and my daughter’s name. Alesha means noble and Azura means sky blue. There is something calming about the colour blue.

"It was special to me to use my daughter’s name as she is a huge motivator in a lot of the decisions that I now make. She is a motivating force in my life as I am driven to support her and be an inspiration to her."

Photography by Helen McArdle.

Styling by Zack Tate.

Makeup by Francesca Abrahamovitch.

Hair by Aaron Carlo.

Yellow look by chalkboard in video by AGGI via Wolf & Badger, necklace by vintage, earrings by The Hoop Station, rings by Joanna Laura Constantine.

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