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The highest-earning baby names revealed - and two are royal

Lucky Nancy and Ralph

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Rachel Avery
Rachel AveryHomes Editor
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Choosing a baby name is often a decision which takes a lot of careful thought and consideration. Many parents choose a family moniker or select a name that's meaningful to them, but how about settling on a baby name to help carve out their future? has revealed the top baby names for boys and girls who will go on to earn the most money!

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They collated a list of the most popular baby names in England and Wales over the past twenty years which is available on ONS and used ValueMyName tool to define what their potential average salary could be.

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Are you destined to be a high earner thanks to your name?

According to the report, Nancy is the wealthiest name, followed by Heidi. More unusual names such as Clara and Evelyn also feature in the top ten earners. Lil is in spot number for, which Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could be pleased about as their daughter is called Lilibet, Lili for short. 

Highest earning girls' names

Nancy £33,192

Heidi £33,127

Penelope £31,155

Lily £30,821

Anna £30,522

Rose £30,099

Florence £30,050

Elizabeth £29,882

Clara £29,818

Evelyn £29,818

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Your baby's salary could be swayed by their name

For boys, Ralph takes top spot with Michael and also Albert coming in second and third. Arthur comes in 10th place with an average salary of over £40k. Charles is also in the top ten, the name of our newest king, King Charles III.

Highest earning boys' names

Ralph £56,144

Michael £52,572

Albert £45,224

Stanley £44,327

Bobby £43,319

Leo £43,319

David £41,722

Charles £40,890

Rory £40,773

Arthur £40,644

What's also interesting is the disparity between men and women with 'Ralph' taking home an average salary of £56,144 which is a staggering 69% more than what highest-earning girl 'Nancy', would get.

In another study by Pilot Fish Media, the baby names most likely to become influencers were revealed.

Lauren, Hannah, Alexandra, Jessica and Jen are the top five names for girls while Bradley, David, James, Michael and Matthew are the boys' names most likely to make it big on social media.

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