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Exclusive video: Ella Jordan's reaction to baking with mum Ola for first time is priceless

Professional dancer Ola Jordan made muffins with her daughter

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Sophie Hamilton
Parenting Editor
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Dancer Ola Jordan and tried a spot of baking with her two-year-old toddler Ella in their HELLO! column this week – a first for both mum and daughter.

The Jordans, who shot to fame on Strictly Come Dancing, are known for their super tidy home and like to avoid mess whenever possible, so getting out the flour, butter and stirring bowls was quite the challenge.

Watch our exclusive video to see Ola and Ella's whole cooking process, with dad James Jordan giggling behind the camera. Ella's reaction to tasting her own muffins is hilarious.

The couple reflect on their baking morning in their column below – and oops, things may have got a little heated with an argument near the end…

Baking with Ella: the results

HELLO!: How did the baking go?

James: It was alright actually, and Ella enjoyed it. It was funny when she first tasted it, she went 'Urgh!'

Ola: It's never going to be the same as the shop made muffins which are full of sugar…but now we are eating a bit healthier I thought it would be good to makie our own with a more healthy recipe and less sugar.

James: She liked it when she got to the blueberries – then she was sold. This wasn't just Ella's first time baking; Ola's never baked before, full stop. We're off to see my mum now and she made us take one for grandma to eat too.

Ola: I never did any baking. This was my first time. I'm quite proud of myself to be honest. I used to think it was such a faff with all the ingredients.

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ella bowl

Ella and Ola bake for the first time together

James: Why would people not buy them? The amount it costs to make them probably is the same as it would to go and buy six really nice muffins.

Ola: I think it's nicer to make it on your own. James: I just think I could spend my time so much better than making muffins.

HELLO!: Children like baking with their parents…

James: Ella did enjoy it, I'm not going to lie, she did like it.

Ola: We didn't let her make a lot of mess…

James: We don't instill that in our daughter, to make a mess, so why would we suddenly make loads of mess?

Ola: I didn't really think my outfit through - I wore a white top and no apron! It was going everywhere that butter.

James: It didn't do that on the explanation video did it? Maybe her butter was softer. I went out and bought an electric whisk – spent a whole eight quid on it in Asda (the cheap one as well because I know we're only going to bake once!). I don't think the whisk goes slow enough. Maybe we should have used the Nutribullet...

Ola: That would do it too fast James! I don't know if we'll be doing it again, but if Ella wants to then I'll do it with her, obviously. Ella, did you like baking today?

Ella: Yeah.

James: Do you prefer mummy's blueberry muffin or Costa blueberry muffin?

Ella: Costa.

James: There you go. There's your answer.

Ola: That's why I'm not going to do any more baking.

ella tray

Ella proudly looks at her muffin mixture

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James' verdict on the muffins

HELLO!: James, what was your verdict on them?

Ola: Do you know what, he ate the whole thing so it can't be that bad.

James: It was edible. It was the consistency... I opened it and it fell apart in my hand.

Ola: Because you made me put too many blueberries in it. There was an amount to put in and then he said, 'No, whack a bit more in'.

James: Yep, too many blueberries so it didn't have enough substance around it. I'll take full responsibility for that. It wasn't right.

HELLO!: But it was Ola's first time. That's great for a first try…

Ola: I would really like to get a positive because that was my first time.

James: Listen, for your first time it was really good. If I had bought that in Costa, I'd be going straight back and asking for my money back.

HELLO!: You made a big batch – what's happening to the other muffins?

James: We're going to go and sell them (laughs).

Ola: The rest of them? Ella might have them with mummy. They make a really good afternoon treat and are only two hundred calories compared to the shop bought ones which are twice that, so i can have it with my coffee and not feel bad.

ella eats muffin

Ella tries the muffins she made with mum

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When baking starts an argument…

HELLO!: Was it a nice bonding activity though?

Ola: It was a lovely bonding activity, yes. Even though, and you probably won't see this in the video, James was telling me what to do. He was getting so involved with it and it was supposed to be Ella and Mummy.

James: But when she was putting the mixture in the cupcake cases, she was using her finger and it kept sticking. My mum used to use two spoons. I gave advice, but oh no, that was me being too involved. I gave helpful information but I got told off.

HELLO!: So James, will we be seeing you baking soon? Have you ever baked before?

James: No I've never baked before and I have no interest in baking whatsoever. No. I have things that I do with Ella that Ola wouldn't want to do.

Ola: What do you do that I don't do?

James: Go around Dinotropolis (activity centre) with her.

Ola: Oh my god, the one thing he does, go to Dinotropolis!

James: I deal with more of her poos than you do! I do all the poos. Why do I get all the poos?!

Ola: She always calls James when she does a poo. I do everything else.

James: No you don't.

Ola: I've done bedtime every night for the last three years. A bit of help would be nice.

James: No, because I don't believe in the way you put her to bed. I believe we should be able to leave her room now, and yes, she'll complain at the beginning but eventually, she'll get used to it. It's boring now… Ola's up there for over an hour every night.

Ola: I agree with James but I do love to stroke her and cuddle her at night, she's my baby. It's hard to give that up but I know I need to be tougher, especially if we have another baby.

I was up there for ages last night because she fell asleep on the way back in the car from nursery, so she wasn't tired. Nursery is actually going really well now – she wants to go and brings me her lunchbox to get ready.

James: She actually asked to go to nursery today when it wasn't her day there! I think the baking was so bad she'd rather be at nursery haha.

Ola: Cheeky! She loved the baking!

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