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Exclusive: Strictly's James and Ola Jordan over the moon for toddler Ella

The former Strictly Come Dancing couple are bursting with pride

Sophie Hamilton
Parenting Editor
10 February 2023
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Professional dancers James and Ola Jordan have reason to celebrate because their two-year-old daughter Ella received an award this week.

The adorable little girl of the former Strictly Come Dancing stars went to her first ever gymnastics class – and wowed her teachers with her talent. You can watch Ella show off her sporty talent in our exclusive video below.

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In their HELLO! parenting column, the star couple tell us all about their pride for Ella and also fill us in on their week. Poor Ola wasn't too well, and James looked after everyone. "He coped very well," Ola tells us.

Catch up on the Jordans' week here…

Ella's first time at gymnastics

James: We took Ella to her gymnastics class for the first time, which she really loved.

Ola: Neither James nor I did gymnastics as children. Ella's quite sporty - she's always doing splits on the bed - so we thought we'd sign her up to a class.

James: She got the 'Star of the Week' award with a certificate for her balancing, so that was really good. She was so happy.

Ola: I think daddy was more excited than Ella about her award!

James: Yeah, I was. I said to her, 'You're the best!'

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ella ola peace

Ella and mum practice their peace sign

HELLO!: What's your favourite thing to do at gymnastics, Ella?

Ella: Going up the stairs.

James: Oh yeah, she loved going up the stairs then jumping into the foam pit. Then daddy had to get in as well. I felt like a stranded whale when I got in there – it's not easy to move about. I did a couple of roly polies but Ella's better than me already, which is rather annoying.

Then Ella had a meltdown when we were leaving, like a proper meltdown. She was being really naughty. Maybe she was tired and didn't want to leave gymnastics, I don't know. It was one of her first proper paddies where you're embarrassed by your child.

Ola gets sick and dad takes over

James: Two days ago, Ola had what we think was food poisoning from a fish pie and she was unwell all night. I must say, I felt sorry for her.

Ola: Yeah he actually got out of bed and came downstairs to see me. He was like, 'Are you ok?' I said, 'No not really, I don't know what's wrong with me'.

James: I wasn't sure what to do.

Ola: So daddy had to take over with everything at home with Ella for two days.

ella dad

Dad was in charge when mum got ill

James: I'm not going to lie – I found it quite stressful.

There are certain things at home I don't do because I'm not good at doing. Like I'm not bad at putting Ella's hair up but it's a bit of a palaver. Ola always picks Ella's clothes for her so I did that, but Ella wants to wear one thing then I'm putting her in something else, then I'm running late and I hate being late. I didn't realise how slow I'd be at doing some things.

Ola: I used to get told off… 'Oh you're late again' and I'm like, 'James, you do it then'. It's not that easy.

James: Yeah, but if I did that every day I'd make sure that I allowed more time to do that. I'd never make the mistake twice, just so you know (laughs). I'm a very hands-on dad but we do have our own chores at home, Ola and I. I always seem to help Ella go to the loo. Ola always does bedtime.

Ola: And I do all of the cooking.

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James: So when I had to do Ella's lunchbox, it was a bit of a disaster. Ella was telling me what to do and showing me where stuff was because I didn't know. I had to make her sandwiches into certain shapes. I was just going to cut her sandwiches up and then I got told, 'No, mummy cuts them in shapes.' I was thinking, how am I going to do this?'

I forgot Ola has these shape cutter tools. I was trying to make the shapes freehand haha, then Ella suddenly gave me this heart-shaped cutter.

ella hug

Ella loves her mum

James: Ella missed her mummy when she was ill.

She wanted to give her a cuddle, but I said no in case it was a bug and she caught it. Well Ola's better now and this morning at the nursery drop off, I said, 'Go and give mummy a kiss'. Ella went, 'No I don't want to because she might make me sick'.

I've been doing bedtime. I read her a book, gave her a kiss then I stayed in the room until she fell asleep but I didn't lay with her. Then she fell asleep on her own. I think it's going to take a while to be able to just walk out of the room when she's awake. We are going to start doing that though. She needs to be able to fall asleep on her own.

Ola: I was lying there listening to him do bedtime and he's asking me all these questions... 'Where is this, where is that?' and I'm like, 'It's in the drawer, just look.' It gets to the point where you want to get up and do it yourself! James did cope very well though, I've got to say.

Ella is soaring ahead with nursery

Ola: Ella is finally doing really well at nursery!

James: I took her there today and as we were queuing to go in, Ella was chatting away to me saying, 'I want to go on holiday daddy. I want to go to the beach and we're going to play in the sand. But we've got to wait for mummy to get her passport sorted.' Then she goes, 'Ok daddy, bye, have a lovely day! See you later.'

It's weird. It's actually really nice she's so happy to go in. Even the teachers say she's different. She's making friends, and she was the same yesterday when I dropped her off, very happy.

ella jordan leaves

The cute Ella Jordan

Ella is nearly three!

HELLO!: How are preparations coming along for Ella's birthday party?

Ola: Amazing. Mummy got a party planner. You know what, I am not good with things like that – I am not a planner and James is the same as me.

So we've got this party planner who's going to arrange things for us. She's booked everything and it's all pretty much sorted now. It's going to be a big party; Ella's a very lucky girl.

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