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Holly speaks against wasting water

Clean up your cleansing routine, says TV presenter

May 12, 2008
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As she relaxes for the first time since Dancing On Ice ended with a spectacular climax in which Suzanne Shaw became the new ice queen, presenter Holly Willoughby has stayed with the subject of water – although it's the liquid version, rather than the icy form on which she seems to flourish.

As part of Ariel's Be Water Wise campaign to save water in the UK, Holly has been urging us to reduce the time we spend in the shower to three minutes to save six billion litres of water a day. "We have less water per head in the UK than in the Sudan and less rainfall than in Instanbul," she says, claiming that changing her routine to include just three minutes in the shower has helped her get out of bed and out of the house in far less time now.

"I've got my daily routine down to half-an-hour – wake up, shower, make-up, hair dried and out the door," she explains. "It's quite difficult when I have to wash my hair in three minutes. But day-to-day showering is actually really easy," Holly continues. "I think people turn showers on and stand in them to relax and actually we've just got to find another way to do that, that doesn't waste water." Holly says, pointing out that every minute in the shower uses nine litres of water.

And referring to the attention attracted by her revealing outfits on the show, Holly says: "I don't think my outfits distracted from the show because it's an incredible show that stands on its own two feet. It was just the little side story that was going on and hopefully now that the show's finished, it will all die down and disappear – until next year. It doesn't make me think twice about what I wear because I loved the dresses I was wearing and thought they were beautiful and elegant. And they're no different from last year."

Holly says she was also surprised about this year's winner. "I think the finals outcome was a surprise to everybody. But Suzanne Shaw deserved to win. And I'm glad she did win. I feel so excited to be part of the show and I can't wait for it to begin. Then I'm sad when it goes away. It's exactly what TV should be – brilliant, light-hearted entertainment."

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