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Celebrity skincare specialist Malvina Fraser shares her top winter tips

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Malvina Fraser is one of the beauty industry's best kept secrets. Her stellar client list includes Madonna and Yasmin Le Bon, and with more than 30 years experience, she has a reputation as London's leading skincare and beauty expert.So there is no better person to turn to for skincare advice as the cold months draw in. Malvina shares her skincare tips exclusively with readers of HELLO! Online... 


As we head into the winter months, our skin begins to dry out due to the drop in temperature, so it's important to change our skincare routine and products.

Here are my top tips on how to take extra special care of your skin this season:· It is so important to cleanse your skin properly before you go to bed. Many people find that the eyes are the hardest part of the face to cleanse of makeup. A trick that I find effective is to use Oprex eye drops as an eye makeup remover. It works incredibly well and is great for sensitive skin.

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· To relax before you go to bed, soak in a nice warm bath and add some Epsom salts and aromatherapy oil (note: do not use Epsom Salts if you have high blood pressure). Pop on a hydrating mask, lie back and relax. I would also recommend that you take your bath two hours before you go to bed as you may become too hot while trying to sleep.· After your hydrating mask, use a good quality serum especially during the winter months. Work the serum all the way up to the hair line and over it as this is often an area that is neglected.· The next step is to apply an exfoliator to the skin using some Lavender and sugar. Lavender is an ideal ingredient as it also acts as an anti-bacterial agent to rid of any excess dirt.· If you are not a fan of Lavender, try mixing Almond oil with some sugar, which smells incredible.

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· If you have any exfoliator left massage it into your hands and cuticles. The harsh weather also affects our hands and nail beds which then dry out and crack.· Pop essential oils into your night cream for a relaxing and therapeutic treatment.· Key ingredients you should always look for in skincare are active delivery peptides especially vitamin A and C. Hyaluronic Acid, Omega -3, co-enzyme Q10 and most recently Plant Stem Cells are also key.· Use a slightly heavier moisturiser as during the colder months our skin does not produce as much oil.· Don't neglect your ears. Our ears drop with age and dehydration so it is very important to moisturise our ears every night. Massage the top of your ears by putting a little pressure in the form of a squeeze, as this is where your lymph glands are. Continue down towards your earlobe, pulling down gently when you reach the lobe.

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