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Naomi Watts admits she's considered getting Botox

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Naomi Watts has spoken candidly about the pressures of ageing in the world of Hollywood. The 47-year-old admitted that she has even considered trying Botox to maintain a youthful look, although she hasn't yet undergone the procedure.

naomi watts© Photo: Getty Images

Naomi Watts revealed she's considered Botox

"Personally I feel, for me, it's tough to do Botox – but it's also tough not to!" she told NewBeauty magazine, starring as the cover girl for their Spring/Summer issue. "Sometimes, I think I need the help. Whatever anyone else chooses is fine with me, no judgement."

The mother-of-two explained that with her successful acting career, she tries to be as versatile as she can, especially when it comes to portraying "characters that should match my age".

"Of course, I want to look the best that I can, but I am playing characters that should match my age and the women and the material that I am interested in are usually going through something," she said. "I have to be able to live in my face and tell the story of the character I've taken on."

Naomi confessed that she still hasn't ruled out the option of trying Botox in the future. "I'll never say never," she said.

naomi watts© Photo: Getty Images

The actress hasn't yet opted for the procedure

The Birdman star, who is currently a brand ambassador for L'Oréal Paris, often speaks openly about the world of beauty, and recently shared her ultimate secret to looking good with HELLO!.

"It's no secret – water and sleep," she told HELLO!'s beauty editor Nadine Baggott. "You only appreciate how important they are when you're on a film set for three months without easy access to them and you see how you look."

As for looking after her radiant complexion, Naomi revealed she sticks to a strict skincare regime, especially when she's working.

"Cleanser is really important to me, especially as I wear too much make-up most of the time when filming," she confessed. "I do shoots that are ten or 12 weeks long, wearing make-up for ten hours a day under lights that push it into your skin. It's then reapplied and layered on. So to cleanse well and take care of my skin is important."

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