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Keeping up with Kourtney: the star reveals her beauty secrets

27 July 2016
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Can you be glam and green? Is it really possible to be organic and eco-friendly and still be a Kardashian? HELLO! beauty editor Nadine Baggott sat down with Kourtney to find out…

As one of the world's most visible families, we have seen just about every aspect of her life played out in front of the TV cameras. But if you think you know all there is to know about Kourtney Kardashian, think again. The 37-year-old mother of three – sons Mason, six, and 18-month-old Reign and daughter Penelope, four, with on-off partner Scott Disick – and elder sister of Kim, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie still has a few surprises up her sleeve, not least championing an organic, sustainable approach to health and beauty.


You are known as the eco-friendly Kardashian sister. Do you think you deserve the title?

"I think I do. Having children made me really conscious of what food I was going to feed them. I started reading this baby book called Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron, about organic ingredients. I then began to learn more, visiting holistic doctors and doing an Ayurvedic cleanse after Penelope was born. I learnt so much and now I often do Ayurvedic recipes."

How do you manage to tread the line between being green and clean and the glamour of life as a Kardashian?

"Recently people have been asking me if I really am a Kardashian [laughs]. I love being a mum and want the best for my kids and for me, so this has led me onto a path of reading more and more about clean and healthy eating, beauty, fitness and mindfulness."

And you are now an ambassador for Manuka Doctor – how did that come about?

"I've been using Manuka Doctor honey for years. I’d just launched my app, and on it I do this Good For You Glossary, in which I highlight ingredients that I love, the benefits and how to use them. One of these was Manuka Doctor honey, so they got in touch and asked me to work with them. I only take on projects that mean a lot to me- I do not want to be away from my kids unless I'm passionate about something.”

What do you like about the products?

"I love that they are all natural. I’m always looking for new beauty tricks and tips that are easy with three kids. I love the honey, but also the Gold Dust serum under make-up for a healthy glow, and the Brightening Oil, which I use at night."

kourtney kardashian

When it comes to skincare, what is your secret weapon?

“I don’t like to use an eye cream because they seem to make my eyes worse. I prefer the consistency of oil. I put it around my eyes, rub it down onto my neck and onto my hands every night."

In addition to eating organic, do you also use organic beauty products?

"I'm trying but it's hard, as I want products that really work. I've been asking beauty editors what make-up to try as I want to use only organic make-up. I haven't switched yet, but that's my next thing."

Have you given yourself a time scale for making the switch?

"Yes, six months; and when I do it I will share the information and advice about the best brands on my app. I used to use Jane Iredale mineral base and it really helped my skin, so I need to start looking at brands like that again."

Balancing a more natural approach with a full-on glam squad for your TV show must be tricky, though…

"I'm lucky that I get to film most days so I have someone doing my hair and make-up for me. But to be honest, there was a phase when I was completely over it. I hated spending hours getting ready – what mom has time for that? I would insist that it only take 20 minutes. But now I'm back and enjoying it more – I let them take an hour because it's good to feel good about yourself. I still make sure that I'm working while it's being done, though – approving episodes, checking emails or working on my app or my social media posts."

What are your current make-up essentials?

"I love Lancôme mascara, an Armani Designer Lift foundation, the Beauty Blender sponge in black and my peachy Givenchy blush, which I can use to hide dark circles."

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Do you have a signature scent?

"No. I really don’t like heavily scented anything. I prefer my skincare to have a more natural scent that comes as a result of the organic ingredients."

Let’s talk hair – how do you keep yours in such great condition?

"Healthy eating, good genes and a great shampoo and conditioner from Rahua. Oh, and coconut oil."

Tanning – fake or real?

"I really can’t stand fake tan so I prefer to just get out in the sun for a little while. I think the sun is good for you; I love to hang outside with my kids around the pool."

I hear you have a great morning shake recipe. Care to share?

"Every morning I have a shake for my breakfast – a whole avocado blended with coconut milk and Manuka honey. The avocado is great for skin and hair. I am a big tea drinker and I put honey in that too. I also put honey and coconut milk into my green tea – I love it."

Maintaining a totally dairy- and gluten-free home with three young children is quite an achievement. How do you do it?

"I was hesitant at first. We visited this kinesiologist who does muscle testing to tell you what foods to avoid, and when he told us that we should all be gluten and dairy-free I freaked out. I took Mason with me to the market and tried gluten-free pizza, which was not a success. We totally picked the wrong things. But now I find bakeries that do gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate chip cookies for the children and I have found a dairy-free cheese that actually tastes of cheese. I've also found a gluten-free pizza base but not a dairy-free cheese that melts really well."

Do you feel better for making the changes to your diet?

"Yes, I think I have more energy. I thought the dairy was going to be the hardest, but that was actually really easy to avoid. The gluten I will admit I cheat on every now and then. I am the biggest Disney freak and I can happily stay for 12 hours but recently I went and ate a churro and felt drained and exhausted. I’ve learnt my lesson."


Scroll below for the list of Kourtney's beauty must-haves

How do you boost your energy levels and beat the dreaded mid-afternoon slump?

"Iced tea. I can’t drink coffee, it makes me insane. No one wants to see me on coffee."

Do you watch what you eat to stay in shape, too?

"For me, it’s about being healthy. I don’t count calories or think about eating too much or too little but t I do feel guilty when I don’t eat healthily."

Despite having had three kids you are more toned than ever. Do you have a killer abs move?

"My trainer Don Brooks [@donamatrixtraining on Instagram] does this super-hard move. He gets me and Khloé to lie down, holds our feet and then gets us to roll up and then stand right up, and then all the way back. Three sets of ten. Khloé and I work out together with Don and he comes to the house."

Is there any area in particular that you would like to work on? "I am obsessed with lifting my butt. So before I get in the shower I will do 100 deep squats. It’s a little thing, but doing it before your shower reminds you to do it every day. It's a little extra. I even do sit-ups while watching TV. For me it’s about multi-tasking."

How often do you exercise?

"Right now it’s at least five days a week, to feel good physically and mentally. Sometimes we meet Don outside and he will have us running, hill climbing, or hiking. Sometimes we go to the gym. Khloé and I try to post our workouts every day on our Snapchats to share advice."

And what’s your favourite workout wear?

"I love a brand called Beyond Yoga as they have high-waisted leggings. And APL trainers; they are cool and on trend, and super-comfy."

Flying is part of your life. What would I always find in your bag on the plane?

"A cell phone charger and Manuka Doctor Lip Enhancer - a great balm."

Interiors are your passion, so if you had to choose between fashion and furniture what would you go for?

"Oh that’s tough, but I would choose interiors. I think I’m good at creating looks for less, so I could get away with spending minimum money on clothes."

What was the last song you danced to?

"It was probably Beyoncé, at her concert – I went with Khloé. Or maybe J-Lo; we saw her too, in Vegas. Both were amazing."

Favourite app and Instagram account – not counting your sisters’?

"Favourite apps are Tidal for music and Net-a-Porter for shopping. And for interiors, 1stdibs and theinteriorreport on Instagram."

Finally, describe your perfect Sunday – glam day or make-up free?

"No make-up, pyjamas all day, get a massage while the kids watch a movie, and if it’s nice outside, hang out around the pool."

 Kourtney’s collection - We asked the eldest Kardashian sister to pick her favourite beauty buys.

1.    Groovy Food Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, £5.99, from Waitrose "I love using coconut oil on my body. I’ve been using it since I had Penelope and used it on her"2.    Manuka Doctor ApiRefine Lip Enhancer, £14.99, visit    Givenchy Le Prisme Powder Blush in Aficionado Peach, £32, and escentual.com4.    Manuka Doctor Gold Dust Firming Serum, £29.99 "Amazing to put under your make-up for a little glow"5.    Beauty Blender Pro Sponge in Black, £16, visit    Manuka Doctor Active Manuka Honey, £24.95, visit    Manuka Doctor Brightening Facial Oil, £19.99, visit "I love the way this smells simply of honey, which to me is important"8.    Rahua Shampoo, £30, from    Lancôme Hypnôse Mascara in Black, £23.50, from Boots or visit  Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Foundation in Shade 2 or Shade 5, £42, from John Lewis and House of Fraser

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