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Lily Aldridge shares her fragrance and beauty tips with HELLO!

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Beauty Editor Nadine Baggott grabs a chat with globetrotting model Lily Aldridge to talk travel, beauty and style. Find the full interview and behind the scenes shots from her new fragrance campaign in HELLO! out now.

Model Lily Aldridge has teamed up with Michael Kors for the designer's new scent Wonderlust. HELLO! went behind the scenes on the set of the shoot to discover Lily's beauty secrets, travel tips and the things that give her a lust for life.


The new fragrance from Michael Kors is a play on the word wanderlust. What does that word mean to you?

To me, Wonderlust is all about living life with a sense of adventure. I'm so honoured, I love being a Michael Kors woman. This campaign is about adventure, glamour and luxury. I love that it's a very sophisticated floral scent, which makes it versatile – it carries me from day to night. It's sexy.

Do you wear fragrance every day?

Yes. It's such an important step in my everyday beauty routine. It completes any look and feels luxurious. I tent do wear it on my wrists, but I sometimes spritz it in my hair for an extra statement.


As a model, you often travel internationally for work. What are your in-flight essentials?

Perfume always makes me feel put together after a long day of travelling. And I need my phone charger and a great moisturiser with SPF in my bag. A great pair of sneakers, a great face mask and drinking a lot of water – those are my essentials for staying hydrated and refreshed.

Any tips for looking good on the go?

Keep it simple. I usually have my hair up in a ballet bun and a great pair of sunglasses for when I'm on the go. On vacation, all you need is a sexy dress and great perfume, paired with a gorgeous red lip.

Read the full interview in HELLO!, out now.

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