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Is your summer holiday causing you spots?

Alex Light
Body Work Columnist
26 July 2017
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We spend months gearing up to looking good on our holidays - we take on gruelling gym sessions, try to overhaul our eating and revamp our summer wardrobe... So it's frustrating to get to your destination and break out into blemishes.

But why does it happen and how can we avoid it?

We spoke to celeb make-up artist and Dr Organic ambassador Justine Jenkins to get the lowdown...

Avoid the midday sun

"Skin gets oilier in the warmer weather as heat and humidity increase the oil production from sebaceous glands," says Justine. "So be conscious when you're in the heat - try to avoid harsh midday sun which can overheat the skin. 

Stick to sunbathing in the morning and late afternoon." Justine advises to keep Dr Organi's Skin Clear Tea Tree Treatment Gel in your make-up bag, and "as soon as you feel a breakout, pop on the gel and the anti-bacterial properties of the tea tree oil will get straight to work on the spots."

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Steer clear of chemical suncreen

"Always avoid chemical sunscreens as they can avoid flare-ups," says Justine. "If you choose a natural sunscreen with great hydrating ingredients, you can apply it in the day instead of moisturiser to avoid overloading the skin."

Keep skin hydrated

"By not keeping skin hydrated in summer, you often end up producing more oil," explains Justine. "The most common mistake made by people with spot-prone skin is avoiding moisturiser. Oily skin still needs moisture and if you skip it, skin will become more prone to breakouts."

Ditch the heavy make-up

Heavy make-up in heat can clog pores and lead to breakouts. Justin advises to choose a loose mineral powder for foundation - she recommends Nude by Nature, as it doesn't contain known irritant bismuth oxychloride.

Go easy on the cocktails

We all love a cocktail (or five) on our hard-earned summer holidays, but Justine recommends making sure you don't go overboard and taking time to recover the next day. "Alcohol and particularly cocktails have a high glycemic index which increases blood sugar levels and can cause a flare up of skin conditions like acne," says Justine. 

"After a wild night of partying try drinking zesty lemon-infused water to stimulate liver function and hydrate the body."

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