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Colour trends come and go, but my pursuit of soft, hazy makeup elegance is eternal.

 Hence why Pantone's 2024 Colour of the Year, Peach Fuzz, comes as a pleasant surprise to those with a fondness for enduring, less trend-centric hues.

 Last year's choice – Viva Magenta – captured the spirit of the age, aligning with the effervescence of Barbie and leading on from Valentino's AW22 Pink PP.

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But this year, the global colour specialist has spotlighted a more muted shade, one that is steeped in subtle serenity – and I am very much on board.

 In its annual colour report, the brand delved into the details of Peach Fuzz, described as a "velvety gentle peach whose all-embracing spirit enriches heart, mind, and body". 

 Nestled between pink and orange, the shade is soft and enveloping, but for me, it also has an airy freshness about it.

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Try The Trend: Peach Tones

Orin Carlin holding Refy blush and RMS Beauty Eyelights  © Orin Carlin
The products I used to create my peach-themed look

 In the winter months, like many, I am plagued by dull pallor. In the hope of enlivening my base, I decided to incorporate a hint of peach into my everyday makeup routine.

 When it comes to a healthy wash of colour, I love the dewiness of a cream blush. Refy's version, aptly named 'Peach', is pretty, pigmented and a guaranteed complexion perker-upper.

Orin Carlin holding peach blush © Orin Carlin
I used Refy's Cream Blush in the shade 'Peach'

Despite my natural aversion to pinkish tones on my eyes (it usually makes me look peaky, and a bit lab rat-esque), I actually rather liked the warmth of RMS Beauty's Eyelights in the shade 'Sunbeam'.

The Verdict

 Peach tones feel synonymous with spring and summer, but I'm all for breaking beauty rules if it means I get to supercharge my makeup look with that much coveted warm-weather liveliness. (Hence why I firmly believe that January is the month for dialling up the fake tan.) 

Orin Carlin holding up a cream blush © Orin Carlin
Cream blush is great for livening up your complexion

In the pan, the Refy blush looks quite intense. It has a coral-y feel, appearing more buoyant than Pantone's subdued Peach Fuzz. But when layered over my usual base, the orangey warmth came through, looking especially lovely in direct sunlight.

Orin Carlin applying blush © Orin Carlin
I found that the blush shade actually looked very muted on

It's great for a quick hit of healthy colour, easily applied via the ring finger, pressed onto the apples of the cheeks. I also dabbed a bit on my lips – perfectly comfortable on account of its cushiony texture, and prettily effective. 

Orin Carlin applying RMS Beauty's Eyelights in 'Sunbeam'© Orin Carlin
I used RMS Beauty's Eyelights in 'Sunbeam' across my lids

I was warier about peach within my eye makeup, as I'm a devout cool-toned girl. But RMS Beauty's Eyelights, a metallic cream eyeshadow formula, is a cut above the rest.

Infused with organic green tea and natural peptide quinoa extracts, the texture is seamless and feels feather-light on the eyelid, not heavy in the slightest despite the richness of the pigment. 

I love the dimension and luminescence delivered by RMS Beauty's Eyelights, especially as this metallic version of peach – hazy, and slightly sunset-reminiscent – is so resolutely forgiving.

Just peachy...