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'Espresso Makeup' is the latest beauty trend that's taking the festive season by storm, and it's the cool-girl approved makeup look you need to master. 

Unlike its summer counterpart, 'Latte Makeup,' this trend is all about embracing the darker, richer tones reminiscent of a cup of espresso. With celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Emily Ratajkowski jumping on the bandwagon and 54.6 million views on TikTok, it's clear that this sultry and versatile look is here to stay.

The key to 'Espresso Makeup' lies in its full-bodied brown tones, featuring a mocha-style smoky eye and glossy, chocolate-coloured lips. These elements come together to create a seductive and intense aura, perfect for the rich and intense evenings of the festive season. To recreate the 'Espresso Makeup' look, consider focusing on bold, dark eyeshadows, defined cheekbones, and lips that boast a luscious chocolate hue. The result is a striking makeup look that captures the essence of a rich cup of espresso, ensuring you stand out and turn heads at any festive gathering.

According to Saffron Hughes, the in-house makeup artist at False Eyelashes, this look embraces a 'siren' eye makeup method paired with a more lived-in complexion. Picture sensuous eyes, sculpted cheeks, and plump lips – the ideal combination for a show-stopping evening beauty look. Hughes emphasises that this trend is perfectly suited for the festive period when people want to dazzle with an espresso martini in hand.

So, this season, ditch the latte and fully embrace the allure of 'Espresso Makeup' for a glamorous and on-trend beauty statement. 

Scroll on for Saffron’s expert tips:

The Ultimate Espresso Makeup Guide:

The Base:

“You must start this look off with a primer as it is key to helping your makeup last longer, as well as creating a flawless base for that espresso-inspired look.”

“Next, choose a foundation that offers sheer to medium coverage, perfect for achieving a naturally radiant look, even in the midst of winter's chill. To ensure a seamless finish, set your foundation with a translucent powder not only to control shine but also to provide that long-lasting glow, keeping you looking fresh throughout the season.”

Hailey Bieber wearing a brown Ferragamo dress
Hailey Bieber is a fan of warm espresso tones

Warm Cheeks:

Saffron suggests using a matte bronzer to lightly contour the face to infuse warmth into the complexion. “Using your matte bronzer and a fluffy contour brush, focus on adding warmth and definition to the hollows of your cheeks, temples, and jawline,” she advises.

Fluffy Brows:

Saffron advises a fluffy brow for this makeup look, explaining “Depending on the desired result, you can either use a brow gel/mascara to fluff the brow hairs up and into place or you can use a brow glue or balm with a spoolie to fluff the brow hairs up and then lay them flat to the skin for the laminated look.” 

“By brushing the eyebrow hairs upwards, especially the outer hairs, you can create the illusion of a facelift whilst giving yourself more eyelid space to work with next”

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Siren Eyes:

Saffron said, "The key to this look is the 'siren' eyes, so take your time on this part. To begin, apply a dark espresso brown hue to your crease and outer corner to help enhance your eyes and provide that alluring and contouring definition. Once you're happy with the bold look, you can sweep a cocoa brown or soft taupe shade across the eyelids. Then, define the crease with a rich brown eyeshadow, blending outward for a lifted effect. To amp up the drama, smudge the rich brown shade along the lower lash line. This technique will make your eyes pop."

Espresso Eyeliner:

When it comes to eyeliner, Saffron advises using a dark espresso brown shade to complete the look, “For those with round eyes, a smudged eyeliner look works exceptionally well. Opting for a "slept-in" eyeliner appearance can beautifully enhance this eye shape.”

“If you have upturned eyes, focus on accentuating the outer corners of both your top and bottom lash lines when applying eyeliner for this look. This technique will help enhance and balance the shape of your eyes.”

Emily Ratajkowski espresso makeup© Instagram
Emily Ratajkowski is another A-list fan of the trend

“Downturned and monolid eye shapes should consider a classic cat-eye eyeliner effect. This technique lifts the eyes and creates a flattering and defined look.”

“Hooded eyes, on the other hand, should primarily apply black eyeliner on their tightline. This method helps to define the eyes without overwhelming the natural lid space.”

“Almond-shaped eyes are fortunate, as they can effortlessly pull off most eyeliner looks.”

Fluttery Frothy Eyelashes:

To complete the look, Saffron emphasises the importance of lashes to enhance the eyes. “Complete the look by reaching for a mascara that encourages length and volume on the outer corner, or consider using wispy false lashes to add drama and a fluttery effect,' she advises. 'They can truly elevate the espresso-inspired makeup look and make your eyes the focal point.'

Coffee Stained Lips:

To complete the 'Espresso Makeup' trend, Saffron recommends picking a brown shade, such as Valentino Beauty Brow Trio in Taupe as a lip liner. "Seal the deal with a nude lipstick, like MAC Thanks It's MAC. And voila, there you have it – the Espresso Makeup, a captivating and intense beauty vibe."