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When not one, not two, but three A-list celebs trade in their light locks for a walk on the dark side it begs the question, do brunettes have more fun?

Over the last few weeks Hailey Bieber, Iris Law and Lily Allen have all taken to their social media accounts to show off their dramatic hair transformations. Some involve extensions and others fresh cuts, however, one thing they all have in common is that of a dark chocolate brown hue. 

Hailey Bieber debuted her new chocolate brown head of hair at this year's Superbowl Sunday, going the extra mile by also adding extensions to her much-loved French girl bob.

Hailey Bieber shares a mirror selfie of her new brunette hairstyle © Instagram / @haileybieber
Lily Allen wears a white suit jacket with black buttons and lapels to attend the 2024 pre-BAFTA dinner © Instagram / @lilyallen

Lily Allen recently took to her Instagram to share her hair alteration, trading in her fiery red copper-toned mane for a deep brown shade to attend this year's pre-BAFTA dinner.

Iris Law, who is known for her bleach blonde pixie cut donned a long brunette wig to walk at London Fashion Week last week. Although not a permanent change, the new received an influx of positive comments from fans on her TikTok post, one commenting “Iris this colour is so gorgeous on you” and another saying that she looks more like her father Jude Law with darker hair.

Could dark brunette hues be 2024’s latest and most cultivated hair trend? When we  asked one of London’s most reputable hair stylists and salon owners Limoz Logli, he said that brunette hairstyles are most definitely 

Limoz goes on to say that Hailey Bieber is behind a lot of client hair-spiration, “requesting to move closer to their natural base colours like Hailey has. The health of the hair has never been more important to our clients. In the salon, we call it the 'chocolate gloss trend' which gives multidimensional richness to the hair. We use an acidic demi-permanent colour technique which ensures natural-looking results with customizable depth and vibrancy.” 

Bernardo Vasconcelos, founder of BCO London has also noticed a rise in clients requesting darker brunette tones saying 

Bernardo follows on to say "In Brazil, we do something different for each client and so my technique is very natural. You will never see all blonde or all brunette in my salon, you will see different shades coming through which creates a natural effect, however recently these are darker brunette shades."

It seems it's a brunette spring and I for one am not mad about it.