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Earlier this year the internet partially broke after that Calvin Klein ad starring Jeremy Allan White was plastered everywhere and anywhere. But just days after The Bear starts tighty whitey debut the Advertising Standards Authority made headlines after deeming a former Clavin Klein campaign starring British music maven FKA Twigs “too sexual” warranting a full redaction of the campaign image. 

After much uproar from fans around the world, the ASA has recently decided to partially reverse the ban, explaining that after "significant strength of public feeling, including views expressed by FKA twigs" the agency has concluded the image was "not sexually explicit" however they do continue to deem the ad as "overtly sexual and was, therefore, not suitable for display in an untargeted medium."

FKA Twigs poses tastefully with a Calvin Klein denim shirt © Calvin Klein / Mert & Marcus
The now partially banned image of FKA Twigs

The image was part of the brand's “Calvins or Nothing” campaign which was released in April of 2022 andfeatures the 36-year-old Cellophane singer baring all whilst covering her toned physic with a Calvin Klein denim shirt. The ASA claimed that the image of FKA Twigs, “focused on her body rather than on the clothing being advertised and it presented her as a stereotypical sexual object.” 

The campaign also featured an array of images that featured Kendall Jenner with similar artistic direction, however, those pictures were classed as “inoffensive” as the “image was stylised, due to Jenner’s pose, and that while the image did contain a degree of nudity, it did not focus on the model’s body more generally in a manner that portrayed her as a sexual object.”

Kendall Jenner posing topless for Calvin Klein in a pair of jeans © Calvin Klein / Mert & Marcus
Kendall's image from the same campaign that was deemed “inoffensive” by the ASA

A spokesperson from Calvin Klein addressed the issue, contradicting the ASA’s point of, “sexualising women” by saying that “The images were not vulgar and were of two confident and empowered women who had chosen to identify with the Calvin Klein brand, and the ads contained a progressive and enlightened message.”

So, in light of the recent un-banning, we take a look back at some of the famed brand's most hyper-sexualised campaigns, because if Jeremy can flaunt his eight-pack, then why can't FKA show a little side boob? 

Brooke Shields - 1980 

15 year old Brooke Shields Calvin Klein Jeans advert © Calvin Klein / Richard Avedon
15 year old Brooke Shields Calvin Klein Jeans advert

This campaign was one of the brand's most controversial to date, however, it saw sales skyrocket, deeming the whole campaign a marketing success, putting Calvin Klein on the fashion map. The campaign features a young (15 years old) Brooke Shields sporting a pair of form-fitting blue jeans and a burgundy over shirt with a single button done up. Overall, the imagery wasn’t overly raunchy, but when paired with the slogan “You know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing” eyebrows were raised.

Kate Moss - 1985

Kate Moss for Calvin Klein Obsession in 1985© Calvin Klein / Robert R. Taylor
Kate poses bare faced in 1985

Fronting the brand's then-new perfume ad for “obsession”, which is still around today, was a young Kate Moss who posed bare-faced and shirtless. At the time, Kate Moss was a pillar of the understated beauty in the industry. 

Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg - 1992

Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg pose for Calvin Klein in 1992© Calvin Klein / Herb Ritts
Kate and Marky Mark in the naughties

Kate Moss was hired once again to front a campaign for the brand, this time with Hollywood heartthrob Mark Wahlberg. The two posed in CK jeans whilst Kate straddled the then-21-year-old Mark. Both were topless, putting all emphasis on the brand's jeans and iconic branded underwear. 

Christy Turlington - 1995

Christy Turlington poses in a pair of white briefs and a singlet for Calvin Klein in 1995© Calvin Klein
The model went on to work with CK for multiple perfume and underwear campaigns

Back in the mid 90’s supermodel Christy Turlington posed in a pair of white Calvin Klein briefs and singlet ensemble to promote the brand's undergarment range. At the time this was a bold move from the brand as black and white advertising was few and far between at the time.

Natalia Vodianova - 2006

Model Natalia Vodianova poses in a pair of white boxers for Calvin Klein in 2006© Calvin Klein
Natalia also continued to work with the brand on numerous RTW and underwear ads

Circa the 2000s Russian model and actress Natalia Vodianova showcased a pair of boyshort boxers for women, a style that since then was typically coined as a strictly male silhouette. Posing topless with her arms over her breasts, the model is seen sporting a crisp white pair of itty bitty boxers, complete with a Calvin Klein branded waistband. 

Kendall Jenner - 2023

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The eldest Jenner sister has been the face of CK for years now, often seen baring all, promoting the brand's intimates range on billboards around the world, as well as her own Instagram. Her latest campaign for the brand, which she posted to her own Insta features the famed face at home, posing in a skimpy black bra and underwear set as well as a black open blazer with nothing underneath and a pair of of undone jeans.