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Jay Shetty and Radhi Devlukia on fashion, self-expression and their go-to outfits

The couple share their style rules in an exclusive interview with Hello! Fashion

Jay Shetty and Radhi Devlukia Interview
Orion Scott
Fashion Features Writer
9 November 2023
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You will find in my wardrobe a lot of uniform clothing,” admits Jay Shetty, “I'll have the same fit T-shirt in a couple of different colours, the same fit trousers in a couple of different colours and that's my go-to daily uniform which makes life easier, and makes things simple.” 

Once a monk, Jay has transformed into a well-known host, storyteller, and best-selling author. Together with his wife Radhi, they have become the byword for conscious living, and achieving your most potent self, essentially they are the masters of living your best life.

“I'd say that at this point in my life, I actually feel like I'm moving away from wanting to dress in uniform, having done it for so many years, I want to dress and not have a uniform. And I think that's kind of the world that we've also developed and created,” he says, having spent a great deal of his life between monks' robes and corporate suits before building his self-help empire. 

As for Radhi, “I have never really thought of myself as a very fashionable person, But I really appreciate a lot of street fashion. I think my style is also an interpretation of my emotions on the day or how I'm feeling.”

Radhi Devlukia-Shetty and Jay Shetty
Radhi Devlukia-Shetty and Jay Shetty

Likewise, Jay believes, “Fashion is self-expression. I find that fashion helps me feel how I want to feel, on any given day I can feel comfy, I can feel confident, I can feel cosy, I can feel, you know, vibrant, I can feel abundant, I can feel whatever it is.” This holiday season GAP are celebrating self-expression in the only way they know how- by releasing a collection of most-loved essentials, perfect for sporting whilst spending time with loved ones this festive season.  

To launch the holiday collection GAP called upon some of the world's most renowned individuals to showcase the collection of iconic pieces their way. The gifted cast includes Grammy-Award-winning musician and activist Alanis Morissette and her family; Swedish model and designer Elsa Hosk captured alongside her daughter Tuuli; body-positive model Sabina Karlsson and her family; and Japanese model, actress and singer Rola to name but a few of the all-star cast.

Jay Shetty is part of GAP's 'Gifted' holiday campaign
Jay Shetty is part of GAP's 'Gifted' holiday campaign

In a Hello! Fashion exclusive, we caught up with the New York Times best-selling author, wellness guru and podcaster and cookbook author Radhi, to discuss how fashion has impacted their lives and how they individually express themselves on a daily basis:

How did it feel to be on the set of a fashion shoot?

Radhi: Incredible, scary and fun. It's something I had never done before, but the whole team was just amazing. The creative director was incredible and the whole team made us feel so comfortable. Right from the beginning they just wanted to make sure that we were all good and that's something I really appreciated because you never really know what you're stepping into.  

Did either of you tell each other how to pose? Be honest, did you practise at home? 

Radhi: Honestly, I feel like Jay has more experience than I have in terms of professional shoots. I probably have more experience in trying to get a good Instagram shot. I was definitely checking in with him on where I should be putting my arms and things. There are too many parts of our bodies to think about, like your hands, and your legs and trying to coordinate all of them is trickier than it looks. 

Gap 2023 Gifted Anthem

Jay: It was a lot of fun and it was a really exciting process right from the beginning. From picking our clothes to being out there on set to also being with each other made it feel surprisingly natural. Just being together and being able to be playful and silly made it feel really natural. It was definitely slightly nerve-wracking, but a lot of fun overall.  

Do you have a favourite piece from the collection? We loved those chinos you wore Jay...

Jay: They were amazing! I also wore this blue outfit, it was almost like a blue raincoat with a denim shirt inside and that coat was really really cool. I think Radhi liked it on me too. She doesn't always approve of all my fashion choices so it was nice to get a bit of confirmation. 

This collection is all about self-expression. What are some ways that you both express yourself on a daily basis?

Radhi: I cry a lot. All of my emotions are released through crying, whether I'm angry, sad or happy, so that's usually how I express myself. Recently I have been trying to use my words a lot more and I've been reading the book called Remember Love and it just reminded me of how beautiful it can be to put how you feel into words and how much you can impact other people too if you're able to express yourself in that way. I've also been trying to write a lot more. Whether it's in my notes on my phone, or whether it's putting pen to paper, trying to find the vocabulary to actually express how I'm feeling feels important. It's still a work in progress, but I'm trying to find other ways of doing it rather than just crying. 

Jay: I think my self-expression is probably trying to notice really small moments of gratitude to people and expressing it to them. So whether it's my team, whether it's Rahdi whether it's you know, someone that I've met at a store or whatever it may be, I'm always trying to find just really small reasons to appreciate people very specifically because I feel like it goes such a long way for me personally.  I love it when someone gives me immediate feedback or a thought or notices something that I've done thoughtfully and I feel like, I just feel like so many people can go through their whole days, weeks and months, and not hear a positive compliment or appreciation for something that's really wonderful and how they did it. I try to look out for those things because it also makes my life feel really beautiful and fun and you get to spot potential in people and you get to spot goodness in people. I think it makes the day go better for me so I always like to train my mind to do that. 

Individually, what does fashion mean to you? How do you interpret fashion?

Radhi: If I'm in a pair of sweats, which is very usual for me, then you know I am wanting to be comfortable. I actually always choose comfort over fashion which is why GAP felt so natural for me.  

Jay: I really love that saying ‘how do I want to feel today, and let me dress according to that’ in order to express that feeling to others and myself. I sometimes find that I'll choose a vibrant colour for that reason and sometimes I'll choose a really muted colour for that reason. It allows me to feel comfortable in my energy.

How do you think fashion can help people be the best version of themselves?

Jay:  I don't think that fashion is one thing and I think therefore sometimes people think that the word fashion has to be a specific type of cut or a specific type of wear.  I think fashion is so much more about what makes you feel comfortable and confident or what makes you feel what you want to feel in that moment. I would encourage people to think about what they wear as an extension of who they are and not feel limited or restricted by any cultural norms or expectations or whatever it may be. 

When you're not fronting campaigns, what are your go-to outfits?

Radhi: If you come into my wardrobe, you'll basically see on the right-hand side there's three shelves of sweat, one shelf of heels, the rest filled with sneakers. I usually have Jay’s hand-me-downs because he gets really cool clothes. I have some of his jackets and sweatshirts that I wear with oversized baggy jeans and a cute T-shirt. I love wearing oversized jackets and bombers at the moment. I would say I'm a little bit straight, a little bit cute and a little bit sassy when it comes to how I dress.

Radhi Devlukia-Shetty and Jay Shetty
The couple share a similar approach to style

Jay: I'm pretty much a t-shirt and sweats kind of person as well, but I do like to dress up as well, I really enjoy putting an outfit together. I've just loved art and design for so long, I've loved aesthetics for so long, I love composition., I love the way colours go together and I just really enjoy visuals that are uplifting, exciting and make you feel better. So, I do really love piecing together a nice pair of trousers with, you know, a shirt and a cardigan or whatever it may be. I love layering as well so any opportunity where I get to do that, I'm excited.

You're going to need those layers when you get back to London...

Jay: I know! I have missed that part of London so much,  I actually miss the idea of wearing a scarf and a hat. There were so many great pieces in the GAP collection that was like, alright, I'm gonna have to wear that when I get back. 

You spent one-half of your life working for a financial organisation wearing suits, and the other half living as a monk in India wearing robes. Two very different ends of the fashion spectrum. How have these two experiences shaped your opinion on clothing?

Jay: I love that question... I went to Queen Elizabeth Boys Grammar School where we wore a uniform our whole life and in sixth form, we wore suits. And then when I was doing internships, I was wearing suits and then obviously, as you said, when I was a monk, I wore robes. And then when I left the monastery, I went back to the world of wearing suits every day. I felt like a lot of my life was quite uniform, whether you look at a robe, or whether you look at a suit to some degree, it's quite uniform in the sense that there are a few limited colours of suits, you can have a bit of self-expression, but generally, it's pretty much the same. And of course, as a monk, the goal of living with a uniform is that it makes choices simpler, and it makes you focus on your inner world, and I love that idea. 

I think we've graduated from a world that told people they had to dress a certain way and approach work a certain way. I think we've got to a place where we now realise that workplaces don't have to be so rigid and formatted and that's the world I love, where I can go on stage today for a corporate keynote and I can be dressed in streetwear, I don't have to wear a suit if I don't want to. I could be in a board meeting and wear something really comfortable, or I could go on a red carpet and put on a suit if I want.  I love the idea that freedom of expression is powerful. And I also love the idea that simplicity is powerful. 

I've given myself permission now to operate in both of those worlds of simplicity and freedom. Because I think that that's really what we're all looking for is that autonomy to say, You know what, maybe I don't feel inspired to wear a suit today, or, maybe I don't feel inspired to put together an ensemble outfit today, maybe I do want to go simple.  I feel like I'm at a place in my life where I get the best of both and I feel like I want to detach and disconnect from the uniform and feel a sense of freedom.

Check out the full collection on

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