These Christmas gift wrapping hacks are a total game changer

Your Christmas gift wrapping just got a whole lot easier!

Chloe Best

Wrapping up the Christmas gifts you've carefully picked out can not only be expensive, but also time-consuming, as you try to present awkward shapes as neatly as possible. However, help is at hand from US-based lifestyle blogger Kallie Branciforte, who runs the site But First, Coffee. The 29-year-old has taken to YouTube to show her top hacks for making wrapping easier – and you're going to love them!

Wrap diagonally to use less paper


When it doesn't look like you have enough wrapping paper, place your gift diagonally in the middle of the paper, then you can pull up the sides to cover each corner of the box. Kallie says this will save you money as you won't need to buy as much wrapping paper.

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Make a gift bag with wrapping paper


If you don't have a gift bag to hand or don't want to buy one, you can still create one out of wrapping paper. Start by cutting enough wrapping paper to cover the gift. Fold in each side and use double-sided tape to stick together. Then, follow Kallie's tips to create two triangle shapes that will fold together to form a base, which is secured together with tape. Stand it up, then place your item inside and fold over the top. You could either tape it closed, or poke two holes in it and use a piece of ribbon to tie it closed in a bow.

Change to double-sided tape


Make your wrapping look even neater by using double-sided tape, which can be placed on the inside of the seams so you don't have any tape exposed.

Make a bow using wrapping paper


Run out of bows? No problem! Add the finishing touches to your gift with a bow made from wrapping paper. Cut a piece of wrapping paper and fold it in half lengthways, before folding it again widthways. You can then start cutting strips into the paper, leaving a border at the edge of the sheet, before curling them using a pair of scissors. Fold the curls up on top of each other, then use a piece of double sided tape to attach it to the gift.

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Make a jewellery box out of a toilet paper tube


If you have small gifts such as jewellery or earrings, Kallie shows how you can make a little pillow box out of an old toilet paper tube. To start, fold in the corners of the tube to make flaps which close in. Wrap a piece of paper around the centre of it and finish it off with a bow. "It looks cute, put together, and perfect for small gifts," she says.

Use an old Pringles container as a gift box


Last but not least, use an old Pringles container to create a gift box! Wash the entire thing out, then wrap it in some wrapping paper, secured with tape or glue. This is great for gifting things like nail polishes, lipsticks, a print or a poster. Glue a bow onto the top of the lid to add the finishing decorative touches.

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