Tamara Ecclestone gives HELLO! an exclusive glimpse of her Christmas decorations at her London home

The reality TV star reveals her family's Christmas traditions


Socialite and reality TV star Tamara Ecclestone has invited HELLO! into her London mansion for an exclusive glimpse at her Christmas celebrations with husband Jay Rutland and their three-year-old daughter Sophia.


Tamara with husband Jay and their daughter Sophia

Tamara has installed a full-sized sleigh, complete with reindeer and gingerbread men, outside her Kensington home, and this year she passed down an important family tradition to her daughter – as Jay and Fifi put the star on the top of their Christmas tree, just like she used to do with her own dad, Formula1 tycoon Bernie Ecclestone. “It’s so nice for those traditions to be passed down. Fifi loved decorating the tree but she was most excited about climbing on the ladder with Jay. The most dangerous part!”

Tamara “can’t wait” for this year’s festivities – but tells us that she’s currently struggling with Fifi’s gift requests. “It’s a bit of a tricky one because she’s asking for a real unicorn. I’m not sure what to do,” she sighs. “A friend told me about a book where it says that unicorns can’t be captured, so I think I’ll have to buy it and read it to her.”


Tamara Ecclestone and Jay Rutland at The Global Gift Gala London 

Despite having a limitless bank balance, it’s the little things that count. “Jay and I have decided not to go nuts with stuff for ourselves. Although Jay is so thoughtful and sweet and he always gets things that are personalised or mean something. The most romantic thing he’s ever given me was last Christmas – he made me a DVD of when I was pregnant, when Fifi was born and the first few years of her life with music and stuff, and he edited it all together with footage from our camcorder. Gifts like that are way nicer to me than, say, a handbag.”

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