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7 mattresses for back pain that we think are worth every penny

If you're wondering which mattress is good for back pain, we’re here to help…

mattresses for back pain
Karen Silas
Karen SilasSenior Lifestyle Editor
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You spend around one third of your day in bed - and when you suffer from back problems, the importance of finding the right mattress cannot be underestimated. That's why we've searched high and low for the best mattresses for back pain that you can shop online.

Those who have back pain know that your quality of sleep suffers and you wake up achey and tired – which then affects the entire day ahead of you.

But which mattress is good for back pain? Experts say you should look for a mattress that is not too firm, but not too soft – which won't be as difficult as it sounds, now that you have the right mattress guide!

How to choose a mattress if you have back pain

When choosing a mattress to help with back pain, sleep experts at luxury mattress company Winstons Beds advise that you should consider elements regarding the mattress itself, such as the mattress’ fillings and construction, but also other factors - like the length of the mattress company’s trial period.

Rebecca Swain, Winston Beds director and mattress specialist explains: “The quality of your mattress contributes to your overall health and those suffering from back pain should really think about how their mattress choice could be contributing to this. It’s all about finding a balance and what works for you.

“Typically, a mattress that is too soft will cause your back and hips to sink and become misaligned with your spine, causing pain in the lower back. On the other hand, a mattress that is too firm can put pressure on joints which can also be uncomfortable.”

There are so many types of mattresses to choose from, from memory foam to hybrid mattresses (which are a plus if you share a bed, as each sleeper gets individual support and therefore won’t disturb the other).

No matter which you choose, you’ll need constant support for your back but without sacrificing your personal comfort, of course.

How I chose the best mattresses for back pain

  • Trial period: All of the mattresses chosen have strong warranties and trial periods of at least 100 days. As mattress expert Rebecca Swain explained, "It can take around 30 nights for filings and springs to settle and give you a proper feel for the mattress.”
  • Verified reviews: Where we couldn’t personally test the products ourselves, we focused on ratings from verified shoppers, and only considered back pain mattresses with consistent good ratings for quality and comfort. 
  • Price: I've included back pain mattresses from various price points, including for very small budgets. I don't believe, though, in sacrificing on quality or customer service just because of a low price. If a back pain mattress is on sale, I've noted that, too.
  • Variety: Everyone has a different preference for their mattress, so I've tried to include something for everyone. You'll find a range of firmness levels, and price points; mattresses made from natural or specially engineered materials as well as hybrid mattresses with pocket springs, too. As long as the mattress is designed to alleviate back pain and won't make it worse.

So if you're ready for a good nights' sleep, keep scrolling for our edit of the best mattresses for back pain. But remember, while the best mattresses for back pain are designed to alleviate discomfort and help you get a better night’s sleep, be sure to consult a doctor if your back pain doesn’t seem to improve, gets worse or prevents you from sleeping or going about your regular daily activities.

Shop the best mattresses for back pain

  1. 1/7

    Emma NextGen Premium Mattress

    emma mattress for back pain

    Emma mattress for back pain

    Editor's note

    "Emma’s mattresses in a box have previously been tried and tested by HELLO!, and the NextGen has us intrigued not just because of its back support, but also because of its eco-credentials: it’s sustainably made with 79% less foam than its previous version, and creates 58% less CO2 footprint."

    The details

    • Trial period:  200-Night Trial
    • Warranty:  10-Year Guarantee
    • Sizes available:  Seven sizes, UK Single to UK Super King
    • Price:  From £419
    • Firmness:  7 (medium) 
    • Depth: 25cm
    • Delivery: Free Delivery, 2-5 working days
    • Old mattress removal:  Yes - £45 with premium delivery

    Not sure if it’s the right mattress for you?Compare Emma Sleep mattresses here.

    Emma's NextGen Premium Mattress is specifically designed for “sleepers who want extra full body support and a relaxed night.” The award-winning Emma Premium is focused on spinal alignment with its six-layer foam and spring hybrid design, with seven zones of targeted  body support.

  2. 2/7

    REM-Fit 500 Ortho Hybrid Mattress

    rem fit mattress for back pain

    REM-Fit mattress for back pain

    Editor's note

    "If you are very picky about your mattress and want EVERYTHING -  temperature regulation, back support, edge-to-edge support and motion isolation –  this award-winning mattress could be the perfect one for you."

    The details

    • Trial period: 100 nights
    • Warranty: 15-year guarantee 
    • Delivery: Free, 1-3 days
    • Sizes available: From Small Single to Super King
    • Firmness: 9 / 10
    • Price range: From £483.45 (WAS £879) 

    This firm tension mattress made in the UK features 2,000 premium orthopaedic pocket springs to provide optimised support and also isolate partner movement, so if you share your bed you won’t be disturbed. The state-of-the-art mattress also features open cell memory foam for temperature regulation and zoned pressure relief for custom support of your body.

  3. 3/7

    Inofia Double Memory Foam Sprung Mattress

    inofia mattress on amazon for back pain

    Amazon mattress for back pain

    Editor's note

    “The Inofia mattress is a top-rated mattress for verified reviewers who suffer from back pain. With a 4.8 star rating for Value for money, 4.7 stars for durability and 4.5 stars for comfort - plus a reasonable price - it's no wonder it’s so popular.”

    The details

    • Trial period:  100 nights
    • Warranty:  10 year guarantee
    • Sizes available:  Six sizes, Small Single to Super King
    • Price range:  From £145
    • Firmness:   Medium firm
    • Depth: 27cm

    A hybrid, medium firm mattress with zoned coil support, this Inofia mattress is designed for both breathability and comfort, and is eligible for free delivery with Amazon Prime. 

  4. 4/7

    TEMPUR Sensation Memory Foam Mattress

    tempur mattress for back pain

    Tempur mattress for back pain

    Editor's note

    “If you like your mattresses on the firmer side, this firm tension spring-free mattress, with pressure-relieving support, is a favourite with shoppers.”

    The details

    • Trial period: 100 nights
    • Warranty: 10 year guarantee
    • Delivery: Free
    • Sizes available: Single, Double, King Size, Super King, Small Single, Long Single
    • Depth: Choice of 21cm, 25 or 30cm
    • Price range: From £1,699

    Providing 'ultimate comfort and back support' because of a state-of-the-art design featuring adapting viscoelastic cells that mould to your body, it also has less than 2% motion transfer.

  5. 5/7

    Simba Sleep Hybrid Pro Mattress

    simba mattress for back pain

    Simba mattress for back pain

    Editors' note

    “It’s difficult to not be impressed by the Hybrid Pro, popular UK brand Simba's top rated mattress for back pain. The mattress has earned 4.8 stars with over 20,000 verified reviews.”

    The details

    • Trial period: 200-night trial
    • Warranty: 10-year guarantee
    • Delivery: Free next day delivery
    • Firmness: Medium Firm
    • Sizes available: Single to Super King
    • Depth: 28cm
    • Springs: 4,000 Aerocoil springs
    • Price range: Sale price from £869.25
    • Old mattress removal? Yes

    The Hybrid Pro features an extra layer of Simba's trademark Aerocoil micro springs, with each spring compressing individually in response to your body weight, while also gently pushing cooling air through the mattress. Plus the signature SupportCore base boasts 1,000 pocketed barrel springs for full edge-to-edge support.

  6. 6/7

    OTTY Firm Hybrid Flippable Mattress

    otty mattress for back pain

    OTTY mattress for back pain

    Editor's note

    "This orthopaedic mattress is the first in OTTY's flippable range - meaning it has different firmness levels on each side, so you can choose. Talk about a win-win!"

    • Trial period: 100 nights
    • Warranty: 10 years
    • Sizes available: Single, Double, King, Super King
    • Price range: From £467.49 (WAS £849.99)
    • Firmness:  Firm side at 8/10 and firmer side at 9/10. 
    • Depth: 25cm
    • Old mattress removal: Yes, for fee

    Not sure if it’s the right mattress for you? Compare Otty mattresses here.

    A 'mattress in a box' with multiple layers designed for optimal comfort: large, thick encapsulated pocket springs, high-density Reflex Foam and OTTY's signature premium bamboo & charcoal memory foam - a combination of anti-fungal bamboo-infused memory foam and moisture-wicking charcoal for temperature regulation.

  7. 7/7

    Winstons 'The Ancoats' mattress

    winstons beds handmade luxury mattress for back pain

    Winstons Beds mattress for back pain

    Editor's note

    ‘If you’re looking for a true boutique hotel feel for your bedroom, Winstons  will be right up your street. Fans say the Ancoats mattress – crafted with eight layers of not just reactive pocket springs but also lush organic materials such as English lambswool – is ‘luxury at an amazing price’ and ‘worth every penny, maybe even more.’ It also stands out for its 30-year guarantee.”

    The details

    • Trial period: 100 nights
    • Warranty: 30 year guarantee
    • Sizes available:  Seven, from Single to Large Emperor
    • Price:  Sale price from £1,199.99
    • Firmness: Medium softness 
    • Depth: 30cm 
    • Delivery: 5-7 weeks despatch

    Optimal for all sleeper positions, and for those with joint, hip and back pain - including heavier individuals – the Ancoats mattress features 1500 responsive pocket springs and 4000gsm 100% natural fillings.

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