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The 7 major mistakes making your house colder

Combat the cost-of-living crisis with these changes

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Rachel Avery
Homes Editor
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With the cost-of-living crisis still gripping the UK, homeowners are looking for ways to heat-proof their homes to stop wasting hot air. The fitted furniture experts at have revealed the seven mistakes that are making your house feel colder (and what to do about them)…

1. Leather sofa

Leather sofas don't absorb heat as well as fabric which could make them feel slightly colder. Nic Shacklock from Online-Bedrooms urges people with leather sofas to add textured additions. "I'd advise anyone with leather sofas to lay a couple of blankets or throws over them," he said. At HELLO! HQ our favourite blankets are so snuggly and some are under £20!

living room rug
Add a rug to make your room feel warmer

2. Laminate or tile flooring

If you have laminate or tile flooring, you’ll notice it tends to feel a lot colder on your feet during the winter. "If you have laminate flooring consider investing in a rug for the colder months. It makes a world of difference," advises Nic.

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3. Thin curtains

Thin curtains may not be making your house feel colder, but they won't do a great job at keeping the cold out. Curtains can be expensive but the good news is you can add some lining to your existing ones to thicken them up. Just take some lining or some blankets and get to sewing.

4. Gaps between skirting boards

Although they look small, gaps between your floor and skirting board are the perfect place for heat to escape. Try to seal up any gaps to avoid draughts seeping through. If your skirting boards are quite old it might be worth getting them refitted so they're nice and secure. Quick fix? A draught excluder to keep the chill at bay.

father with children on ipad
Are your doors and windows draughty?

5. Your windows aren't draught proof

If you notice draughts coming from your windows, then it might be worth giving them a DIY makeover. Simply get your hands on some self-adhesive foam tape and place this around the window frame.

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6. Furniture in front of radiators

Having furniture like sofas, coffee tables and beds in front of radiators means they will absorb the heat instead of allowing it to be distributed to the room. Try to keep the space around radiators clear.

couple looking cold in blankets
Shift your furniture around if you can

7. Your chimney is open

An open chimney could be letting in more cold than you think. One option is to temporarily block the chimney however you’ll need to get a professional in to do this. Chimneys should never be sealed off at the top as this can trap heat inside the chimney and cause overheating.