Nadia Sawalha shares hilarious video of messy walk-in-wardrobe

The Loose Women star shared the clip on Instagram

Aisha Nozari

Nadia Sawalha has shared a peek into her walk-in wardrobe – a room in her home that's dedicated to her clothes – and her husband Mark Adderley couldn’t help but poke fun at the mess, saying: "It's as if the clothes on the floor have caked into the ground." The Loose Women star shared a peek inside the cluttered room on her YouTube channel, and even her daughter Maddie was quick to comment on the clothes that had been flung across the room, saying: "And she said my room was bad."

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The hilarious clip was filmed as Nadia prepared for a photoshoot, and was looking for things to wear. Her producer husband Mark was on camera duty, and inspected the room as he poked fun at his wife. At one point, the doting dad picked up a stained glass and asked: "What this? What is that?" Nadia then responded: "Alka-Seltzer that I didn't drink."

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The floor was covered in clothes! 

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Nadia acknowledged how difficult it would be to find an outfit, saying: "I've got to find four outfits from in here," which is when Mark made what might just be the most hilarious comment of the entire video, responding: "Well just get a spade and start digging. It's almost as if the clothes on the floor now have caked into the ground. They’ve become a rug."

Nadia has been keeping her followers updated with her family's lockdown experiences, and shares both the high and low moments with her fans. On Wednesday, the mother-of-two unveiled her greying hair in another hilarious video, and the 55-year-old begged her followers for tips on how to disguise her fading hair colour, as she showed off the grey growing from her roots almost down to the nape of her neck. 

In the clip, Nadia says to the camera: "Hair looks alright from the front, doesn't it girls?" She then panned the camera down the back of her head, adding: "The struggle is real", before screaming in horror.

We think Nadia looks fab no matter what her hair colour! 

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