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Shark have slashed the price of Mrs Hinch’s trusted vacuum by £200 - hurry!

There are massive discounts right now on Shark’s premium vacuums - here’s what you need to know

Mrs Hinch and the exact model of Shark vacuum she uses
Katherine Robinson
Senior Lifestyle Editor
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If you’re in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, now’s the perfect time. Both Amazon and Shark are having a big sale on the brand’s vacuums - which are beloved by the HELLO! Shopping team - as well as being the favourite mean lean cleaning machines of cleanfluencer Mrs Hinch.

I’ve been writing about Shark vacuums for the past four years, so let me share everything I know.

First, the deals. Right now you can get the same cordless Stratos Shark vacuum that’s used by Mrs Hinch - aka Sophie Hinchliffe - for £200 less than the retail price. Amazon is also offering the corded version for £130 off. And if you’re on a tighter budget, you can also snap up the Lift-Away model for £189 instead of £269 - which is a 30% saving.

Is this really a good deal? In my honest opinion, yes. It’s true that Shark sales are frequent, but a saving of up to £200 is extremely rare - especially on these top-of-the-range models. The deals are for a limited time only though, so don’t hang about if you want to take advantage. 

You can see Mrs Hinch showing off her Sharks in her extremely organised vacuum cupboard below. She has two of the handheld models and the sleek Stratos cordless model.  Mrs Hinch is a brand ambassador for Shark and has been paid for advertisements in the past. 

WATCH: Mrs Hinch shows off her extremely organised Shark cupboard

Not sure which of her vacuums best meets your needs? Check out the detailed specs plus pros and cons below:

Shark Stratos Cordless Anti Hair Wrap Plus Pet Pro

  • Weight: 2.16kg 
  • Product Dimensions (cm): H: 114 x W: 27 x D: 17 
  • Floor Types: carpet & hardfloor 
  • Capacity: 0.7L 
  • Run-Time: Up to 120 minute run-time 
  • Cordless? Yes
  • Guarantee: Up to five Years (two years for battery) 
  • Pros: Lightweight, folds for easy storage, great for pets, easy to use
  • Cons: Some shoppers have complained about the battery life, noting it lasts only 30 minutes instead of the advertised 120 minutes

Shark tout Stratos as their most advanced vacuum cleaner range. It’s a massive hit with pet owners as it’s their best-ever machine for picking up hair with its unique floorhead design combining the brand’s signature DuoClean with Anti Hair Wrap Plus, removing hair from the brush-roll as you clean. It also features Anti-Odour Technology for a fresher-smelling home.

Shark Stratos Upright Vacuum with Anti Hair Wrap Plus Pet Pro

£299 (SAVE £130) AT AMAZON

  • Weight: 6.9kg 
  • Product Dimensions (cm): H: 117 x W: 28 x D: 26
  • Floor Types: carpet & hardfloor 
  • Capacity: 1.3L 
  • Cordless? No
  • Guarantee: Up to five years (two years for battery)
  • Pros: Larger capacity, unlimited run time since it’s corded, great for pets, easy to use
  • Cons: Three times heavier than the Stratos cordless, not as manoeuvrable as the cordless version

You get all the advantages of the Stratos vacuum above (Anti-hair wrap plus and anti-odour technology being the top selling points) but with unlimited run time since this model is corded. The capacity is a lot bigger too (1.3l compared to 0.7l) but the trade-off is it’s a lot heavier (6.9kg compared to 2.16kg)

Shark Anti Hair Wrap Upright Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner

  • Weight: 6kg 
  • Product Dimensions (cm): H: 118 x W: 28.5 x D: 26
  • Floor Types: carpet & hardfloor 
  • Capacity: 1.1L 
  • Cordless? No
  • Guarantee: Up to five years (two years for battery) 
  • Pros: Larger capacity, unlimited run time since it’s corded, great for pets, easy to use, extra long power cable, portable lift-away mode, great price point
  • Cons: Nearly three times heavier than the Stratos cordless, not as manoeuvrable as the cordless version. Some shoppers have reported that performance is poor on thick pile carpet

Shark’s flagship Upright premium vacuum cleaner is the Amazon best seller in the ’Upright Vacuums’ category. It has the same Anti-Hair wrap technology as the other models and two floor modes so you can switch between hard floor and carpet. It also transforms into a portable vacuum so you can comfortably clean under furniture, sofas, up high and more. It’s almost a kilo lighter than the Stratos corded model with only 0.2l less capacity.

“They are just incredible,” says Mrs Hinch of her Sharks. “I cannot fault Shark. If you’re going to get a vacuum and you’re going to want it for a long time and you’re going to want it to do the best job, Shark is the one. I have used them for many years and I’ve never changed it.”

Several of the HELLO! team are shark owners. Read our honest reviews:

Karen Silas, HELLO! Senior Lifestyle editor has owned the Shark Anti Hair Wrap cordless vacuum for two years. It's also in the Amazon sale for £229 instead of £379.99, which is a 40% saving.

"I bought a Shark Anti Hair Wrap cordless vacuum about two years ago after researching Shark hoovers for work and seeing that HELLO! readers (and Mrs Hinch) love them! With a family and two cats, I had always had the worst luck with vacuums - they always needed repairs or the brushes would get so clogged with hair I was constantly having to detangle them. Yuck. So my hopes weren't really very high when I finally gave in and bought a Shark. 

"Well, I'm now a fan, too. It's lightweight, you can separate the battery to charge it so you don't have to plug in the whole vacuum, it has amazing suction power on both wood floors and carpet, and I absolutely love the easy-to-detach handheld vacuum. The cons? Well it doesn't have a stand or anything (which some might consider a plus) - instead, it has these grip pads on the back for freestanding storage so you can lean it against a wall and it stands by itself. It’s not the most stable - it’s fallen over when I’ve leaned it against the wall a few times. You can fully break it down though, so if you don't want to keep it standing up, storage isn't a problem. Also, the 40 minute run time is shorter than some of the more expensive models on the market.

"The best part? Cleaning the brushes of my hoover is no longer on my to-do list. The Shark's design means that all the hair goes into the dust cup, not the bristle brush... so voilà - my work is done."

Andrea Caamano, HELLO! Website Editor has owned the Shark Cordless Detect Pro for one year. It's also currently reduced by 33% in the sale for £299.99 instead of £449.99.

“I am a mum-of-two and my boys keep me on my toes in terms of cleaning. I recently opted for a heavy-duty corded vacuum but soon realised that it’s not very convenient if you have a house with three floors and the dirt piles up every minute of the day. I needed a change and opted for the Shark Cordless Detect Pro and cleaning floors suddenly feels less like a chore and more like a treat. The cordless vacuum is very ultra-lightweight, and it is true that it detects different surfaces quickly. 

"My kitchen and dining room are connected and it’s incredible that I can vacuum my floorboard and rug without having to change settings. The floorhead also conveniently moves every way, making it easy to access those hard corners, and let’s not forget that it barely takes up any space under my stair cupboard. 

"Are there any cons? Yes - It only comes with one battery and it really doesn’t last long. I have to charge it once when doing the whole house.”

Rachel Avery, HELLO! Homes Editor has owned the Shark Stratos Cordless for two years.

"I couldn’t believe it the first time I used this vacuum - the results were utterly jaw-dropping. Be prepared to be amazed at the amount of dust that comes out of the carpets you already thought were clean. Another handy feature is the flexible arm which folds in half allow you to glide under coffee tables and the like. For easy storage, use the folding arm so your vacuum doesn't topple over or need to be fixed to the wall."

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