Alexandra Burke's hot tub will make you green with envy

We are so jealous of the star's tub!

Alexandra Burke enjoyed a high-energy workout in the back garden of her beautiful home on Tuesday, and even shared a photo of herself working up a sweat with her trainer.

But we were more transfixed by the background of the former X Factor star's snap, where her impressive hot tub could be seen!

The wooden tub looks out over the singer's sprawling garden, and is no doubt Alexandra's favourite spot come summer.

Alex's tub could be seen in the background 

Alexandra lives in a £1.6million Hertfordshire home with her boyfriend Angus MacDonald, and this isn't the first time we've been treated to a glimpse of the large, square-shaped hot tub that sits on the patio. 

Alexandra shared a photo of herself posing inside earlier in the month, revealing that it overlooks the rest of the staggered garden.

The stunning property also boasts an incredible home gym full of kettlebells of varying weights, foam rollers and a leg press and a barbell bench – not to mention a Peloton bike!

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We've seen Alex's beautiful tub before 

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As for Alexandra's living room, it has cream walls and a cream velvet armchair next to the window, alongside a silver metal table. She has accessorised with a tropical print cushion, while an array of framed family photos are also on display.

The 31-year-old bought the seven-bedroom property in 2011 after making her first million. 

She previously told the Financial Times that she didn't pay for it all in cash, and took out a mortgage so she could "completely renovate the place", and it appears to have paid off!

Speaking to HELLO! in 2017, Alexandra revealed that her favourite room in her house is one she recreated to look like her dream childhood bedroom, and unsurprisingly her nieces and nephews love it. "I've done a room in my house that looks like how I wanted it when I was a child. So I never ever got a dolls' house, so I bought a dolls' house - I recreated my childhood room," she said. 

"I always had teddy bears, my mum always used to buy me teddy bears, so that room is full of teddy bears. It's the room where my nieces and nephews sleep because it's like the kiddie room. It's one of my favourite rooms in the house to just sit in and remember being a child."

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