Hilary Duff sparks debate with tour of her beautiful Los Angeles home

The Younger actress' bathroom got fans talking

Chloe Best

Hilary Duff has opened the doors to her family home for a new photoshoot, and one design detail has got fans talking. The Younger actress shared a tour of the property in the latest issue of Architectural Digest, with one photo published in the magazine showing Hilary sitting on a blush pink sofa next to a striking silver free-standing bathtub.

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When the image was shared on the publication's Instagram account it sparked a debate among fans, with one asking: "A bathtub in the living room??"

However, Hilary quickly clarified: "A bathtub. In a bathroom. I'd say pretty appropriate."

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Some admitted it was an interior choice they had never seen before, while for others it served as an inspiration for their future bathroom makeovers.

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"They're referencing the sofa. Most of us have never seen a sofa in a bathroom before," one commented. "Would have never thought about having a couch in the bathroom next to tub, but now seeing it I NEED it!" another wrote.


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Hilary Duff revealed she has a sofa in her bathroom

Speaking to Architectural Digest, Hilary explained that the bathroom is her own personal suite, which also serves as a place for her to enjoy a moment of quiet away from her husband Matthew Koma and her children Luca and Banks.

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"I will hide from them in my bathroom," Hilary confessed, even saying she takes weekly guitar lessons in the fully-furnished bathroom. "My husband thinks it's sad that we don't share a bathroom. He’s like, 'We miss so much good hanging out time. I want to get ready with you.'


Hilary lives in Beverly Hills with her husband Matthew Koma and her two children

"I don’t think 'I always want to get ready with you,' but when I am putting on my makeup, he will sit on that couch. It's sweet."

Another image taken in the bathroom reveals that it serves as a place to both bathe and get ready, with a wooden dressing table and chests of drawers at the far end of the room, which has wooden flooring throughout and her statement bathtub positioned next to the window.

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