Victoria and David Beckham face new setback at luxury Cotswolds home

The Beckhams want to make their proposed lake even bigger!

Jenni McKnight

Victoria and David Beckham have come under fire from their Cotswolds neighbours after they revealed plans to make their already controversial lake even bigger!

Back in August, the couple were finally granted planning permission to create a huge lake on the grounds of their Cotswolds estate after being initially denied.

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However, according to reports, Victoria and David have submitted plans to the local council to ask if they can make it bigger and put an island in the middle of it – and local residents have once again raised concerns.

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A local resident is said to have reached out to West Oxfordshire District Council to try and halt the expansion over fears of "increasing the chances of flooding in the area". The neighbour also raised concern that the Beckhams would race motorboats across the lake.

The letter, obtained by The Sun, reads: "I must object in the strongest terms to this new proposal. I was an objector to the original plan and my concerns were ignored.

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Victoria and David have asked to make their lake even bigger

"I feel that his plan to enlarge the lake could increase the chances of flooding in the area considerably. Also, the lake looks just too large for the area it sits in.

"It is out of keeping with the area and what is planned next? Motor boats zooming up and down and shattering the peace? It is just not on and should not be allowed."


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Despite original protests from some of their neighbours when plans for the lake were originally applied for, the council gave permission to create the kidney-shaped water feature, but with a few conditions.

Some of those include planting hedgerows and trees to protect native birds and using special lights to help bats. The lake must also have an underground chamber - known as a hibernacula – to help support wildlife including reptiles, amphibians and hedgehogs.

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