Hoda Kotb's family-friendly home is a world of fun – take a tour

The Today host lives in NYC with her fiancé and two daughters

Bridie Wilkins

Today host Hoda Kotb lives in a beautiful apartment in NYC with her fiancé, Joel Schiffman, and two children, Hope Catherine and Haley Joy. According to Newsday, the 55-year-old also owns a four-bedroom waterfront property on Long Island, but the family have been staying at the former since the coronavirus pandemic began.

In 2016, Hoda explained that the house had become a little chaotic thanks to her two young daughters: "I'm in my apartment looking at my kitchen, and it's revealing," she told Architectural Digest. "Every cabinet door is open and has been since the last time I needed something inside. In this drawer: two old Blackberry phones, a turkey baster, an old checkbook. Is that a driver's license? Yes – expired in 2013. I could win Let's Make A Deal with this drawer. I think I'm just wired to be disorganised." But despite the mess, Hoda's home is quite possibly the most fun and homely celebrity house we've ever seen. Take a look.

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Hoda Kotb's living room

hoda kotb living room z

Hoda's open-plan living room and kitchen makes for a welcoming and vibrant hub of the home. It is decorated with a muted cream colour scheme, while rustic wooden kitchen cupboards and a soft linen couch with matching cushions create a comfortable and cosy feel. Hoda has also displayed various paintings and drawings by her children on the fridge-freezer.

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hoda kotb living room 2 z

Another image in the living room showed that there is a geometric-print rug on the floor, and two white wooden tables beneath the TV at the front of the space. A baby walker is kept to hand, as well as a pack of baby wipes alongside tissues on the side.

Hoda Kotb's dining room

hoda kotb dining room z

Hoda's children Haley and Hope previously made a makeshift ice cream shop from the window of their dining room. It showed that there is a wooden table in the space, and matching wooden chairs with white frames. Haley and Hope had also stuck pink and yellow post-it notes as signs on the windows.

Hoda Kotb's hallway

hoda kotb hallway z

Hoda shared an image of herself and Joel on New Year's Eve and inadvertently gave fans a glimpse of the hallway. It showed a winding staircase, and several framed photographs showcased on the walls.

Hoda Kotb's childrens' bedroom

hoda kotb children nursery z

Although it's not clear whether Haley's or Hope's, one of Hoda's children has a nursery with a duck-egg blue wooden crib.

Hoda Kotb's childrens' playroom

hoda kotb nursery playroom z

Haley and Hope also appear to have a separate playroom. Hoda has allowed the girls to make the space their own, with several paintings clipped to a string on one wall, multicoloured balloons, a whiteboard and a selection of toys spread out on one side. There is also a flatscreen TV mounted upon one wall beneath a ring light, where the family have been joining Zoom calls during the pandemic.

Hoda Kotb's bedroom

hoda kotb bedroom z

Hoda once gave a glimpse of her bedroom as she watched Maid in Manhattan from her bed. The snap showed grey walls and a wooden chest of drawers.

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