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Nadia Sawalha's incredible oven transformation is mind-boggling

The Loose Women star shared the results on Instagram

Jenni McKnight

Nadia Sawalha is the first to admit that she's an "over-sharer" – but we weren't quite expecting her to reveal the full extent of her grease-stained oven!

The Loose Women star posted several videos to her Instagram Stories on Thursday, in which she admitted she is not a fan of cleaning her oven, but wanted to put Fairy's Power Spray to the test.

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Fairy claim that their spray "easily removes grease spills and stains all over the kitchen and not just in the sink. Ten times easier removal of burnt-on grease compared with using normal washing up liquid. It cleans up what your food messes up".

And boy, did Nadia need it!

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WATCH: Nadia Sawalha's oven transformation needs to be seen!

"It will come as no surprise to you lovely lot that I love cooking – nice roast duck, roast potatoes, big roast lamb – love it! Love using my oven, hate cleaning it! Bet you weren't surprised by that!" she began.

"Now apparently, this little baby guarantees that it's going to remove 100 per cent grease. I don't think it's seen my oven."

Nadia then shared a glimpse inside said oven – and it definitely needed a spring clean! The door was indeed covered in copious amounts of grease.

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Nadia revealed the full extent of her greasy oven

She continued: "So you guys know I'm an over-sharing and now I'm over-sharing my greasy oven. Now apparently, I have been assured that 100 per cent of this grease will come off, even all that duck splatter. Hmmm, don't believe it."

The next clip shows Nadia washing down the oven rack with the Fairy spray, which she left on for three minutes, before cutting to her wiping down the oven door.


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While some of the grease was clearly removed, much to Nadia's amusement, there was still plenty remaining.

However, she decided to spray it again and leave it to work its magic a little longer and the final results were nothing short of a miracle!

"Right, full disclosure. After leaving on the power spray for three minutes and giving it a wipe, some of it came off but not very well.


What a difference!

"But, my oven is a very tough case, so I sprayed it on again and look! It's coming off! I mean, I didn't believe it and I did have to do it twice… but it's pretty damn good Fairy."

Nadia then panned the camera to show off what appeared to be a brand new oven!

"And here it is guys. Now come on, remember how baked on this was? This was just the worst oven anywhere and was ready for the skip to be honest. I'm really pleased with that. I feel like I'm housewife of the flaming year!"

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