Princess Diana's first ever flat is now worth £2million - see inside

She lived at the home from age 18-20, before meeting Prince Charles

Bridie Wilkins

Princess Diana received a £50,000 flat in London as a coming-of-age present from her parents on her 18th birthday in July 1979, and Zoopla reports it is now worth an estimated £2.29million. The home was situated inside of Coleherne Court, a mansion block in Knightsbridge, and featured three bedrooms which she shared with her friends Carolyn Bartholomew, Sophie Kimball and Philippa Coaker.

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Princess Diana charged the girls just £18 per week to stay in the flat with her, and according to Andrew Morton's memoir Diana, In Her Own Words, Diana considered her days there "the happiest time of her life". Andrew added, "It was juvenile, innocent, uncomplicated and above all fun. 'I laughed my head off there' she said."

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Diana was pictured leaving her flat in 1980

Once Diana had moved into the flat, she was believed to have furnished the rooms into a "warm but simple Habitat style that was popular at the time," while she also organised strict cleaning rotas between herself and her friends.

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According to Andrew, Diana's friend Carolyn said, "She always had the rubber gloves on as she clucked about the place. But it was her house and when it is your own you are incredibly proud of it."


The home's co-owner posed inside a bedroom in 1991

A photo was released inside of the home in 1991, featuring the property's co-owner. It revealed a glimpse at one of the bedrooms, decorated with powder blue walls and green carpets, and a floral bed frame with white linen.

Diana also fixed a sign reading 'Chief Chick' above her bedroom door.


Diana lived at Coleherne Court in Knightsbridge

She enjoyed two years at the home before leaving in February 1981, when she moved into Clarence House, the Queen Mother's residence, on the night before her engagement to Prince Charles was officially announced.

After their wedding in July of the same year, Diana's mother sold the flat for £100,000 (twice what she had originally paid).

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