Martin and Shirlie Kemp's bathroom is a self-care sanctuary

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Martin Kemp and his wife Shirlie live in a beautiful home in Hertfordshire, which Shirlie often shows off on Instagram. She has previously unveiled their gorgeous garden and living room, and a more recent post has given fans a look at their bathroom.  

"Slipping into a warm bath sprinkled with rose petals and my favourite @Diptyque rose candle keeps the winter blues away," she wrote. "Valentine's Day is just around the corner so if you can't go out just create your own little romantic setting."

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The photo showed a large white marble bath tub with a matching white tray where Shirlie has positioned three candles, a soap dish and a glass vase of vibrant fuschia roses, from which she has taken petals and sprinkled them both in the water and around the edge of the bath.

Surrounding the tub, Shirlie keeps her toiletries stored in glass containers, including one full of cotton wool pads, and another metallic silver bowl for towels which she has neatly rolled up.

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Martin and Shirlie Kemp's bathroom

A large stone urn with a lilac tulip plant potted inside sits at the opposite side, alongside a vintage orange floral cushion.


Several fans took to the comments section to ask where Shirlie had bought various features seen in the image.

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Martin and Shirlie Kemp keep an urn of tulips in their bathroom

One asked: "Where is the urn from which your orchid is in please? Just love it," to which Shirlie confirmed: "It was from @homebarn."

As for her handy tray, another follower wrote: "Wow Shirlie, you have put me in the mood for a bath, where does the little holder across the bath come from?" Shirlie answered: "Had mine a few years and bought it online but you can get these easily now as there are a lot more white wood accessories."

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