Cindy Crawford's dressing room inside $7.5million home is so unexpected

The supermodel owns a stunning home

As one of the most famous supermodels, Cindy Crawford has a wide selection of beautiful clothes – so it's no wonder she has a mammoth dressing room to accommodate them.

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The 55-year-old shared a look inside her surprisingly homely walk-in closet, in what appears to be her Malibu home. Promoting an eye serum from Meaningful Beauty, Cindy went makeup-free as she sat at her dressing table in a white dressing gown with her dark hair tied up.

The photo inadvertently gave fans a peek inside her house, which she shares with husband Rande Gerber and their children Kaia, 19, and Presley, 21.

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Big lights surround her mirror, providing the perfect glow for her photos. In the background, Cindy has a set of white drawers with black handles, one of which was wedged open with an item of pink clothing.

Gold jewellery was displayed on top of the chest of drawers, and rows of shelves could be seen holding her shoes. Trainers, heels and everything in between were haphazardly placed on the shelves – making the room slightly less immaculate than when she took Vogue on a video tour of the room in 2017.

The supermodel inadvertently showed off her dressing room

Cindy has owned the Malibu house since purchasing it in 2004. According to Architectural Digest, the supermodel had put it on the market for $7.5million in 2019, but in April 2020, she allowed the buyers to back out due to the pandemic and is yet to have relisted it.

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As well as Cindy's chic dressing room, her property also boasts a breathtaking infinity pool with a stone terrace that overlooks the ocean, but her favourite part of her house is the kitchen.

Cindy's Malibu home boasts an infinity pool

"Where we live in Malibu, that's our main house, we have a kitchen/family room," the mum-of-two explained to Architectural Digest.

"And no matter what, that's where everyone wants to be. Because if you're hungry, there's food there, there's a TV. We have a super comfy sofa and two chairs with swivels. What I love about that room is it just brings everyone together."

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