Ronnie and the Stones are the subject of a new film documentary made by Martin Scorsese - who the guitarist says did a "great job" in capturing the excitement of the group on tour
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The 60-year-old musician on stage last month with Kelly Jones of The Stereophonics, one of the musicians Ronnie has lined up for the supergroup
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Back To Black star Amy Winehouse is believed to be collaborating with Ronnie on his solo project
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Ronnie Woods reveals the line-up for his new supergroup

29 MARCH 2008
Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood has lined up some of the hottest names in the music world to join his new supergroup. On the musician's list are indie bands The Charlatans and The Stereophonics.

Discussing his first solo work since 2001, the legendary rocker is hoping to hit the studio for an album before a tour next year.

"We're going to go in the studio and then take it live," he revealed.

Ronnie, who has worked with stars such as The Edge and Bob Dylan on solo projects, also hopes to have singing sensation Amy Winehouse performing on the album.

At the moment, the guitarist is with the rest of the Stones promoting their new documentary Shine A Light. Directed by Raging Bull filmmaker Martin Scorsese, the big screen outing follows the group during two nights of their A Bigger Bang tour last year.

"It's a real theatre experience," praised the 60-year-old musician. "You feel like you're actually up there onstage."

There was more good news for Ronnie and the Stones on Saturday. After 44 years, Blackpool has lifted a ban preventing the boys from playing at the British seaside resort.

Following a concert in 1964, when fans stormed the stage, council chiefs prohibited the band from playing there again. Now they've written saying the rockers can return whenever they wish.