Jamie, pictured outside his successful London restaurant Fifteen, is well known for his generosity and the encouragement he gives staff. Now he has helped one of them further his musical career by choosing a singing waiter's track as the theme tune for his most recent cookery programme
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Big-hearted Jamie helps his musical waiter sign major record deal

28 APRIL 2008
When celebrity chef Jamie Oliver opened his first Fifteen restaurant it was to give unemployed or homeless young people the opportunity to be trained as professional cooks. And it seems his kindness doesn't stop there. The 32-year-old culinary whizz has just helped one of the waiters at his restaurant land a major recording deal, after using his music as the theme tune for his latest show.

After choosing the track for the cookery programme Jamie spread the word to his showbiz friends - including Radio 1 DJ Jo Whiley - to help draw attention to the single by 30-year-old budding musician Tim Kay.

The single, which is entitled My World, featured as the theme tune for the chef's most recent show Jamie At Home. Due to be released next month, it is Tim's first single and features Jamie on drums.

"Jamie's been brilliant," delighted Tim says. "To be signed to a major record label is amazing, and like so many young people I do feel I owe a lot to Jamie."

Other staff members report that Tim's not the only one to benefit from Jamie's generosity and eye for talent. "He's always encouraged his staff to let him know what we do away from work," a former Fifteen chef revealed. "I remember him buying lots of paintings from one of the waiters who was at art school he's now gone on to great things."