Singled out for attention by the camera at a baseball match, the loved-up pair gamely responded by delivering a show of passion
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With all eyes on them, Justin removes his glasses and goes in for a lingering clinch
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Jessica giggles as the singer pretends to fan himself in reaction to the 'heat' generated by their kiss
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Justin Timberlake and his girl thrill baseball fans with playful smooch

22 APRIL 2009
While fellow celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin prefer not to be photographed in each other's company, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel take a much more relaxed approach to being pictured together.

So much so that when they became the subject of a 'kiss cam' request at a baseball game in Los Angeles they were more than happy to deliver a highly public show of affection.

The lovebirds entered into a clinch in front of hundreds of fans having been featured on a 'kiss cam'. A popular feature at US sports fixtures the camera singles out a couple who are then expected to lock lips for the benefit of other spectactors.

Realising their faces had flashed up on the big screen the Sexyback singer made a big show of removing his glasses before clambering onto his giggling girl.

To the crowd's delight he swept the actress into a passionate embrace lasting several seconds, pretending to fan himself afterwards as if overcome by the ardour of the moment.

Justin may have taken his cue from another famous twosome. Dustin Hoffman had given his wife of nearly 30 years a lingering kiss on camera just moments before.

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