25 NOVEMBER 2005

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Crown Prince Frederik took time out from nappy duty to join Queen Margarethe and Prince Henrik at a recent country sporting event. Leaving wife Mary behind with their five-week-old son, who has yet to be named, the royal turned up for the annual Grib Skov hunt just outside the Danish capital Copenhagen.

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Wrapped up warmly against the winter chill and clearly in good spirits, the prince enjoyed a chat with his parents at Fredensborg Palace. Sportsman Henrik has always been keen to pass on his love of country pursuits to younger members of his family. A few weeks ago it was his grandsons, Nikolai and Felix, the children of Prince Joachim, who kept him company on an outing to a rural location.

On January 21 the entire royal family will have a chance to get together when the new-born prince is christened at Christiansborg Palace. His parents Frederik and Mary delayed planning the all-important ceremony until his arrival for fear of jinxing the pregnancy.

Details of the big day have not been released, but it's thought the royal infant will wear an antique lace christening gown that has been in the family for generations. The child's name will only be revealed at his baptism. Until then, says his father, "people are allowed to guess as wildly as they will".

Prince Frederik, Queen Margrethe, Prince Henrik

Prince Frederik and his father Henrik leaving Fredensborg Palace for a day in the countryside
Photo: Rex
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They were joined by the prince's mother Queen Margarethe at the annual Grib Skov hunt
Photo: Rex



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