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Warm kiss for Camilla as she continues to win hearts and minds

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Ever since she embarked upon her public role as wife of a future king, the Duchess of Cornwall has gradually won over the people of Britain with her warm personality, sense of humour and elegant style. And both her down-to-earth nature and her popularity were evident as she met crowds during a walkabout during an official engagement this week.

Greeting well-wishers at the Sandringham Flower Show in Norfolk, Prince Charles' wife came face to face with one fan particularly eager to show her appreciation. Retired nurse Olive - who says she has known the Duchess for over 20 years - couldn't resist drawing Camilla towards her for a hug.

As they embraced across a security barrier, Camilla returned the gesture with a buss on the cheek - much to the delight of onlookers. And Olive clearly had some words of encouragement intended for the Duchess' ears only, leaning to close whisper her message. "We always kiss when we see each other," said Olive afterwards. "She is a great lady."

The scene is representative of the personal approach to royal protocol which has characterised Camilla's public appearances. With her refreshing lack of airs and graces and ready cheeriness it's easy to see why the popularity of Prince Charles' wife continues to climb in public opinion polls.

Just last week, on the day she celebrated her 60th birthday, one such survey revealed a four-fold increase in support for Camilla taking the title of Queen - rather than the previously intimated Princess Consort - when her husband accedes to the throne. Twenty-eight per cent supported the move, compared to seven per cent when they first married.

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Sweeping royal protocol aside, retired nurse Olive embraces the Duchess of Cornwall during a walkabout at the Sandringham Flower Show
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The down-to-earth royal responded to the gesture with a peck on the cheek
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The touching scene is typical of Prince Charles' wife, whose warm personality and refreshing lack of airs and graces have helped win her many supporters

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