Royalty and statesmen

Hand-in-hand, the happy couple strolled through the president's historic Versaille home for their first outing as man and wife
Photo: AFP
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Flowers arrive at the Elysee Palace, where the couple married on Saturday
Photo: AFP

Nicolas Sarkozy and his First Lady enjoy a romantic walk

Newlyweds Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni have enjoyed their first day as man and wife with a walk through the French premier's official residence at Versailles.

Joining the President and his controversial First Lady were Carla's father, Maurizio Remmert, and his wife, Marcia de Luca.

Strolling hand-in-hand through the historic gardens, the couple looked very much in love and unaware of the headlines they have attracted. Later, they snuggled up together as they enjoyed a warming coffee at a caf terrace.

Nicolas' son Jean, meanwhile, was the centre of attention from romantic Parisians who could not resist offering their congratulations to the handsome 21-year-old as he walked around a market in the capital.

"I hope it will go better for my father now," the blonde Frenchman told The Times newspaper, adding: "Things have been pretty difficult lately."

Saturday's discreet marriage now means Italian model-turned-singer Carla is able to accompany her 53-year-old husband to the UK next month. Mr Sarkozy will be a guest of the Queen for his first official visit to the country.