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Camilla and Marcia put parasols of yesteryear back in style

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Prince Charles' down to earth wife Camilla and Marcia Cross, the actress who plays Wisteria's Drive arguably most neurotic resident on hit series Desperate Housewives, would not appear to have a great deal in common.

Yet the globe-trotting royal consort and American TV star are united in having taken to heart health warnings over the dangers of sun exposure. And it seems both favour the hand-held protection of yesteryear over modern sunscreens.

Currently on an official visit to Trinidad, the Duchess of Cornwall sheltered from the scorching Caribbean sun under a pretty lace-covered parasol - an accessory used by society ladies in the 19th century.

While the aim of Marcia, a Hollywood beauty famous for her porcelain complexion, was the same, the actress had improvised with an outsize umbrella to protect herself as she stepped into role as Bree in a sleeveless lavender dress.

As she becomes increasingly familiar with performing official duties in warmer climes, Camilla has been quick to recognise the value of the trusty parasol. And these days one is often included in her luggage when she tours abroad with her husband. It made an appearance on the couple's sweltering trip to Egypt last year and has even been roped into service for commitments on the odd sizzling day in the UK.

Photo: ©
Camilla keeps her cool on a visit to Trinidad with a practical accessory - a parasol Photo: © Getty Images
Photo: ©
Porcelain-complexioned Desperate Housewives actress Marcia Cross takes the same approach as the British royal when it comes to protecting her fair skin from the sunPhoto: © Rex
Photo: ©
The parasol has become an essential item in the Duchess' wardrobe, and this one got plenty of use during last year's trip to EgyptPhoto: © Getty Images

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