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Barack Obama discovers likeness of himself in ancient Egyptian tomb

barack obama pb

Eyeing the slim face and protuberant ears of a hieroglyph in the Egyptian underground tomb, Barack Obama exclaimed: "That looks like me! Look at those ears!". Amused, he called his advisors over to take a closer look.

The US president made his discovery of the uncanny likeness in the Tomb of Qar - a prominent ancient Egyptian priest and scholar - during a visit to the pyramids. He was in the country to deliver a much-anticipated speech to the Islamic World in Cairo, which he'd given earlier in the day.While Mr Obama, casual in chinos and a navy polo shirt, seemed to relish his visit to the ancient sites, which included the Great Pyramid of Giza -  "This thing is huge," he commented as he gazed upwards at the vast structure - he was coy about participating in another traditional Egyptian experience, that of camel riding.As members of his party, including Chief Of Staff Rahm Emanuel, mounted a gaggle of dromedaries in preparation for a ride in the desert, Mr Obama told the assembled press corps: "I want you to know, if you weren't here I'd get on a camel. I just don't want to give you guys the satisfaction."From Egypt the President travelled to Germany for talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel. On Saturday he'll be in France to participate in the Normandy events marking D-Day. 

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