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There's something about Sarah: Rania follows Paris and Naomi in praising PM's wife

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Not a week goes by without someone waxing lyrical about Sarah Brown's unaffected charm and natural beauty. Now Jordan's glamorous Queen Rania has become the latest high-profile figure to enthuse over the chatelaine of Number 10. Describing the Prime Minister Gordon Brown's wife as a "good friend", the tweeting royal messaged this mini eulogy to followers: "Sarah Brown, an elegant, genuine woman, so sincere in her devotion to country and causes". Rania's tweet follows her recent trip to the UK when the pair seemed as relaxed in each other's company as a pair of lifelong pals. American socialite Paris Hilton has fallen under her spell too. A recent post on her site spoke of an amazing conversation she'd had with "smart, beautiful, inspirational" Sarah. Not to mention Naomi Campbell, who bonded with the 45-year-old mother of two on discovering they have a common interest in health issues facing women from the developing world. The US First Lady also shares the supermodel's opinion. When Michelle Obama was holidaying in London a few weeks ago, she made sure to pop round to Downing Street for a chat with Sarah, after warming to her on official occasions.So what's the story with Twitter…? In case you haven't already discovered it, Twitter is a free social networking service which enables users to send and read other users' messages.These 'tweets' are displayed on the user's profile page and delivered to other users who have subscribed to them. Since it launched in 2006, the service has become a hit with celebs. Check out's celebrity Twitter page.

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