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Bumps and a broken tassel – good-natured Camilla has an eventful day

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As a doting grandmother, the Duchess of Cornwall is a complete natural when it comes to spending time with young children.She did, however, get a little too close for comfort to one small boy during a playground visit this week.Bending down to chat to a young girl at the Freeman Family Centre in Harlesdon, the 62-year-old accidently bumped Jerrod Ofori Asense as he attempted to squeeze past her.Shocked by the little knock, the three-year-old burst into tears, But thankfully there was no real harm done.

Minutes later, all was forgotten as Jerrod carried on laughing and playing with his friends at the facility – which Camilla was visiting in her role as Barnardo's president.The Duchess was a real hit at the centre – she chatted with one young mother learning how to cook about her own son, food columnist Tom, 34.And she impressed with her command of the French language when she spoke to Celeste Masoudi, a refugee from the Congo who single-handedly raised his four children. "My daughter Laura is going to have twins in January," she told one of Mr Masoudi's twin sons. "They are going to be non-identical, just like you. We are all very excited. "Unfortunately, bumping into Jerrod was not the only mishap to befall Camilla.Later that day, Prince Charles' wife struggled to turn on the Christmas lights at Burlington Arcade, when she pulled a rope with a large tassel which came off in her hands.Good-natured Camilla saw the funny side though, and joined in the laughter with the crowd of guests who had gathered to watch the seasonal event.Her ability to make light of such mishaps has served her in good stead.In 2007, she was unable to smash a bottle of champagne at the naming of a cruise liner. And earlier this year she accidently broke a plaque she was unveiling at a ceremony for a homeless charity in Plymouth.