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Monegasque family's pride in Pauline as she competes in Youth Olympic Games

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Pauline Ducruet, Princess Stephanie of Monaco's daughter, is making waves in the world of sports, much like her illustrious family. At just 16, she has already established herself on the diving circuit, recently representing Monaco at the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore.

During the three-metre springboard diving competition, Pauline appeared slightly nervous but had ample support from the stands. Among her cheerleaders were her uncle, Prince Albert of Monaco, her half-sister Camille, and her parents, Daniel Ducruet and Princess Stephanie. Stephanie, witnessing her daughter's performance, expressed the universal sentiments of a supportive mother: "I am just a good old mum. I am here for my daughter."

The royal family beamed with pride when Pauline advanced to the finals, securing tenth place in the preliminary round and eventually finishing 12th. Both Stephanie and her ex-husband Daniel – Albert's former bodyguard and father of Louis and Pauline – were elated, offering her congratulatory hugs.

The Monaco royal family is no stranger to competitive sports. Prince Albert, engaged to former Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock, has participated in five winter Olympics in bob-sleigh. Moreover, Pauline's great grandfather, John Kelly – father of her grandmother, Grace Kelly – was a three-time Olympic gold medalist in rowing.

Pauline, who began diving just four years prior and aspires to compete in the 2010 Olympic Games, seems to have developed a fondness for 16-year-old English diver Tom Daley. The British athlete, who competed alongside her but finished ninth while nursing a tricep injury, first met Pauline at the World Junior Diving Championships in Germany two years earlier.

Tom's father, Rob Daley, humorously recounted how his son had caught the young royal's attention. Despite Tom's reluctance to delve into details, his father shared, "I tried speaking to Tom about it as I was taking him to training, but he didn’t really want to make much more of it. I don’t know who introduced who, but she definitely has got a crush on him. Tom said to me 'She fancies me'. I don’t know what she said to him though."