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Cambridge residents 'excited' by visit from their Duke and Duchess

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The residents of Cambridge are delighted by the news that they will receive a visit from 'their' Duke and Duchess. William and Kate, whose official title carries the city's name, will make an appearance in the East Anglia city “in the not too distant future”. And Cambridge’s mayor, Sheila Stuart, is eagerly anticipating their visit: “This is very exciting news,” she said.

“I sent congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the joyous occasion of their marriage, and at that time also extended them a very warm welcome to visit Cambridge. “Judging from the celebrations all around Cambridge last year when they married, they can be assured of a rousing welcome whenever they visit. “I sincerely hope we can look forward to that very soon.” The couple were given their titles after their nuptials last year as a gift chosen and bestowed upon them by the Queen. Genealogist Charles Kidd, editor of Peerage And Baronetage, said it was a good choice for the Prince. "Cambridge was generally spoken of as a high possibility, " he said. 

"It has a long royal tradition, and is immediately recognisable as an English title, it's one of those places everyone has heard of." The most famous previous Duke of Cambridge was George II who held the title in the 18th century. Meanwhile, Kate proved to be a good sport earlier this week as she got her hands dirty helping youngsters learn how to gut a fish. The Scouts volunteer was spending time with the schoolchildren on a camping trip, which she led and helped host. Other activities included an evening of games and a barbecue on a beach near her home in Angelsea. The 30-year-old has been working with the local team of scouts for several months, often volunteering one evening a week.