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Prince Harry's secret life on Facebook as Spike Wells

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News of his wild weekend in Las Vegas spread like wildfire last week, as images of the young royal naked and partying at a luxury hotel were published on the internet.And although he and the royal family will be ruing the power of the web, it appears that just like millions of other people around the world, Prince Harry has his own profile on Facebook.


It has emerged that for the past four years, under the pseudonym of Spike Wells, Harry has been using the social network to post pictures of his holidays and keep in touch with his loved ones. However, after privacy concerns surrounding the publication of the photos of the Prince in Vegas, his advisers reportedly told him to delete the page, reports the Daily Telegraph.During the royal's US trip, his apparent alter-ego Spike changed his profile picture as he regularly does.This time, he chose a photo of three young men in matching Panama hats, one of whom bore an uncanny resemblance to Harry, standing in front of a giant television in a large hotel suite that bore a striking similarity to those at the MGM Grand in which he was staying.


In the past his profile pics have included images of a hedgehog, a lemur from the cartoon film series Madagascar, and a red-headed child clutching his head with the comment: "Oh my God, I'm ginger". His profile says he is from Maun, Botswana, where the Prince and his former girlfriend Chelsy Davy have holidayed. Spike also once posted a picture which appeared to show Harry and Chelsy together. 'Spike' is also Facebook friends with Arthur Landon, who is one of Britain’s richest young men with an estimated £200m fortune and was on the Las Vegas trip.A close friend of Harry's, Arthur said that the person who sold the naked pictures of the royal is "despicable" and the whole incident "put a real dampener" on the trip.Further evidence of the connection between the two is the fact that Spike has also posted pictures of an adventurer in sub-zero conditions holding aloft a Union Jack with the logo of the charity Walking With The Wounded. The Queen's grandson has wholeheartedly supported the charity, and recently joined an expedition of wounded soldiers on a trek to the North Pole. St James's Palace has declined to comment on the reports, but Dai Davies, a former head of royal protection for Scotland Yard, said a Facebook page for a member of the royal family would pose a "security risk".

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