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Numerologist predicts what lies ahead for William, Kate and their baby

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As the July due date of Kate Middleton and Prince William's first baby fast approaches, the excitement surrounding the royal birth is growing by the day. With around two months to go, HELLO! Online spoke to well-respected numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani about what lies ahead for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their baby. Before revealing his predictions, Sanjay first explains a little about numerology, an age-old science of numbers and their symbolic meaning that dates back around 5,000 years.

"Each person is born on a certain date and given a certain name," he says. "Each letter of the alphabet and therefore of your name is assigned a number from one to nine. For example the letter "a" is number one; "b" is number two. Your birth date is also assigned a number from one to nine. For example, if your birthday is on the first day of the month you are a number one; if it's on the sixth day of the month, you are a number six. "Numerology states that the total of the numbers in your name and your date of birth should be in harmony. Each number has its own 'vibration' and its own vibratory influence. Numbers one to nine are all assigned one of the nine major planets in our solar system. The planet and the numbers can tell us a lot about a person's character, strengths and destiny." Are William and Kate a good match? "Kate was born on 9 January 1982, so she is ruled by number nine, which is represented by the planet Mars. Mars is a fiery planet, a planet of energy that can be seen with the naked eye. Prince William was born on 21 June 1982 so is governed by number three, which is represented by Jupiter. Jupiter is the biggest planet, the planet of wealth and prosperity. Three, six and nine all belong to the same family of numbers, so it is a match made in heaven." Is Kate having twins? "Going by Prince William's numbers, two children look very likely. He's a Gemini and usually things happen in twos for them. But it's not possible to predict twins with numerology." What might their child be like? "I think the child will be from their family of numbers – either a three, six or a nine. Because the child’s parents are from the same number bracket, in all probability the child will be from the same numbers. If this is the case, the child will bring harmony to their family. If their son or daughter is born before the 21 July, it will be a Cancerian. They are typically creative, artistic, intuitive and spiritual, but they don't display the qualities of a leader. If their child is born in the second half of July, it will be a Leo and a natural born leader. Leos include Barack Obama, Halle Berry and Usain Bolt."

What will Kate and William be like as parents? "William will be more easy-going than Kate, who will be strict and authoritative. She will be disciplined and have a hands-on approach." Is Kate well-suited to royal duties? "She is. She is not lazy, she is proactive by nature and she will stand up when the call comes. These qualities are useful to Prince William, who is more laid-back. She represents a driving force. Although she will perhaps be more ambitious initially, once he is shown responsibilities he takes them on board. As a Gemini he will do very well in the media and with communication and public speaking." Are colours also lucky? If so, what shades should Kate wear? "Colour plays an important role in the fortunes of a person. She should wear shades of blue, purples, pink and red. Her lucky gems are red and they will help her channel her boundless energy. The colour red represents the planet that governs her, Mars. It's her ruler planet and from her family of colours and so she gets positive energy from them."

Which will be Kate's best years? "Her 33rd and 36th years are likely to be her best. The number 33 is a six, which is represented by Venus. This is in harmony with her number, nine. Venus represents the good things in life such as luxury, beauty, peace and harmony." What can she expect in these years? "It could be happiness – a newborn child can bring you happiness, just as a toddler can bring you a lot of joy. Or it could be in the form of better relationships with the people around her." What can you tell about Kate's personality from her numbers? "She is ruled by the fiery planet Mars. People ruled by Mars are typically daring and can do very well in politics – she could display this quality by being diplomatic. Outside work, they are often fond of speed and adventurous activities like horse-riding and flying. They also like animals."And what's in store for the future King of England? "William is governed by Jupiter, the planet of wealth. He is very lucky in terms of wealth and he will only ever increase his fortune. He is good at multi-tasking and a good communicator, so he will do well as a leader and he will travel a lot. From the age of 37 onwards he has a lot of promise. Once he passes the age of 38 he will be expected to lead." Find out more about Sanjay's numerology

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