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Penguins named after William and Kate expecting their first baby

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A pair of penguins named after William and Kate are expecting their first child. The Gentoo penguins, who live in London's Sea Life Aquarium, are expecting the pitter patter of tiny penguin feet in June – days before the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcome their first child. "We were delighted to discover that Kate had delivered an egg last week, followed three days later by another," said aquarist Lucy Buckley. Penguins William, four, and Kate, six, have taken turns to look after the two eggs, protecting them in a nest created during their courtship. "The couple are doing a wonderful job keeping the eggs warm and protected," added Lucy.                                                 

© Photo: PA

"The group only took up residence here two years ago and this is their second mating season so we are very lucky and naturally extremely excited. It's now a waiting game to see if the eggs are viable," said Lucy, who explained there is a 35-40 day incubation period before chicks are born.

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Gentoo penguins are known for their courting rituals, which involves the males collecting pebbles and presenting to the female as "love tokens". 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge adopted a baby penguin named Acorn at Chester Zoo – it was a gift from the zoo to celebrate the royal couple's wedding in April 2011.

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