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Prince George set to improve public affection for the royal family

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Prince George of Cambridge is set to help the royal family with their increasing popularity with the British public.The British Social Attitudes survey, which was carried out by NatCen, has found that in recent years the royals have regained public affection and in 2012 only 5% of people said that they thought the monarchy should be abolished.Last year's survey reported that only 4% classed the royals as "not at all important" while 45% of people said that they felt it is "very important" that Britain continues to have a monarchy.

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The positive result in 2012 came six years after the figure dropped to 27% in 2006 and 32% in 1994, two years before Prince Charles and Prince Andrew divorced their respective wives Diana and Sarah.In 1983, two years after Charles and Diana's wedding, good feeling about the monarchy was high.NatCen reported that at the time 65% of the British public said that they felt the royals were very important to the country.

Similarly to 1983, many have attributed public opinion to royal weddings and the 2012 figure was influenced by Prince William's marriage to Kate Middleton. Now that the couple have had their first baby, Prince George's arrival is tipped to help continue the boost in public affection for the royal family.

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