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VIDEO: Prince Harry at South Pole, 'We're here, we made it'

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Prince Harry gave an emotional interview when he reached the bottom of the world after a gruelling three week charity trek — scroll down to watch video.

"We're here, we made it, it's Friday 13th," he said when he arrived at the South Pole with his fellow soldier teammates at 12:00 GMT.

"Everyone is so happy, we've all touched the ball, we've all had photos, a few hugs and few tears," the 29-year-old said. "All in all, mission success basically."

The spirited royal took part in the trek in aid of charity Walking With The Wounded alongside many soldiers, from the UK, US and the Commonwealth, several of whom sustained injuries in combat.

Harry talked about the difficulties they'd experienced before the trek and en route.

"We've had so many things go against us. We had beautiful weather but bad weather before and bad terrain and injuries and stuff," he said.

"The 12 wounded soldiers have made it. They couldn't have made it without everyone's help, especially back home, the founders Ed and Simon as well."

Ed Parker, the expedition's director and co-founder of the charity that organised the challenge, said, "We always knew that this wasn't going to be easy, but that is what makes the challenge so exciting."

Harry and his Team Glenfiddich comrades completed the 208-mile races pulling pulks weighing 80 to 90 kilos across treacherous terrain. Temperatures as low as -45C were forecasted for their trip.

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