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Norwegian royals share never-before-seen photos of family camping trip

mette marit and dogs
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Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway have shared photos from their private family album, which show the royals in their element – enjoying the great outdoors. The couple posted the snaps of themselves and their two children Prince Sverre and Princess Ingrid on the palace's official Facebook account. Haakon and Mette-Marit were hoping to encourage members of the public to get out and make the most of Norway's beautiful natural landscape, by taking part in outdoor sporty activities. As nature lovers, the royal family are keen supporters of the government's national campaign – and 2015's Outdoor Recreation Year – that aims to give people a more active outdoor life to improve public health.


mette marit2 © Photo: Facebook

Crown Prince Haakon, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, Prince Sverre and Princess Ingrid pose for a nature selfie

In one selfie taken by Mette-Marit, the family grouped together as they took a break from their strenuous hike in the lush mountains. Young Sverre, nine, was pictured clutching a chocolate bar while his older sister Ingrid, ten, smiled sweetly at the camera. The outing wouldn't have been complete without their pet dogs, and in another snap, Sverre and Ingrid were pictured cuddling up to their canine pals. Clearly showing their enthusiasm for the trip, Haakon, 41, and his children gave a thumbs-up gesture in one photo, while another showed Mette-Marit, also 41, reading a bedtime story to her brood.

mette marit1 © Photo: Facebook

Nature lover Crown Prince Haakon and his children are supporting 2015's Outdoor Recreation Year 

"Today we are kick-starting Outdoor Recreation Year 2015," the caption on Facebook read. "We wish we were even better at getting outdoors more, because when we do, it is always a nice experience for the whole family. "In these pictures you can see some examples from last year. The trick is to start where you live. Sledging and climbing trees is a good start. We shall use Outdoor Recreation Year 2015 to motivate each other to get out."

mette marit and dogs © Photo: Facebook

The Norwegian royal family made the outing complete with their pet dogs 

The Norwegian royal family are, in general, great lovers of the outdoors. King Harald enjoys spending time in the wilderness, and is an active hunter and fisherman, while Haakon and Mette-Marit regularly take their children skiing. In the king's New Year's speech, Harald made special note of the importance of looking after the environment. "Norwegians love being out in nature," he said. "We enjoy this wonderful gift as much as possible – the mountains, the woods, and the lakes. We will continue this and teach new generations to appreciate this. But then we must protect all living things around us."

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