Sarah Ferguson stands by Prince Andrew: 'I won't have his character defamed'

Sarah Ferguson continued to defend her ex-husband Prince Andrew while appearing on NBC’s "Today" on Tuesday. Sarah, Duchess of York, was in the studio to talk about her phenomenal weight loss — 55 lbs.

In December, Sarah looked svelte in a LBD

But before she could explain how she dropped down from her weight of 190 lbs. a year ago, host Matt Lauer needed to ask her about the topic on everyone’s minds — the sexual allegations that Prince Andrew was involved with an underage girl.

Sarah accepted his question and responded: “The great news is that Andrew and I and the girls are the best family unit there ever is. I know him extremely, extremely well. Buckingham Palace put out a denial two weeks ago or a week ago, and we stand by that denial.”

Sarah continued to defend her ex-husband to Matt Lauer

Matt then interjected, asking if she has spoken to Andrew specifically, but Sarah quickly cut in, “Secondly, and more importantly, that I won’t stand by because I know what it feels like to have salacious lies made up about you... They are just shockingly accusatory allegations which I don’t think is right.”

The mother of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie added, “It is defamation of character and as a great father and humongously good man in all the work he does for Britain, [I] won’t stand by and let him have his character defamed to this level.”

Sarah poses with her two daughters

Matt was able to get in another question asking if she spoke to Andrew about meeting the victim referred to as "Jane Doe 3" but was shot down. The Ambassador for Global Health Innovation again stated, “We are not getting into this subject because you need to ask him that and you need to ask Buckingham Palace that.”

The journalist followed up on Sarah’s response asking if Andrew would ever come out and speak. The Duchess quipped, “We have absolutely, 100 percent — Buckingham Palace has put out the denial, and I as his best friend and my best ex-husband ever and the most wonderful father to the girls will not be drawn on any subject because my integrity, and the American people know my integrity, and my integrity is of a great man and I will not have one word said about him on any level, any level.”

The family on one of their many ski vacations to Verbier, Switzerland in 2003

The talk then moved to a lighter subject, 55-year-old Sarah’s amazing new physique. “I’ve been a comfort eater since I was 12 years old,” Sarah explained. “I used food as my friend.”

“I suddenly got to a point where I just couldn’t bear looking at myself any minute longer,” she continued. “I decided that I would go and discover, which is why I’ve started Duchess Discoveries, and find out ... after all these years, that you could lose the weight and keep it off. It was all down to good nutrition.”

For her, it was as simple as that, so she created her own nutritional campaign. Find out more by watching the full interview:

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