Princess Beatrice has moved to America

America might lack palaces and balls, but that doesn't seem to bother some royal family members.

It was officially announced that Princess Beatrice has moved to America to take a finance course starting this week, although it was not mentioned where she would be living. A spokesperson for her mother, Sarah, the Duchess of York, confirmed the news to HELLO!.

Princess Beatrice is heading to America Photo: Getty Images

The move was originally reported by People, whose source said it was a result of Beatrice's email being a part of the Sony hacks revealing her $30,000 a year salary as a coordinating producer at Sony Europe.

Already showing her finance skills, Beatrice takes to the phone on the BGC Annual Global Charity Day Photo: Getty Images

The Goldsmith College grad and cousin of Prince William isn't the first to try out life in the United States. She'll be following in the steps of her sister Princess Eugenie, who moved to Manhattan, New York, in 2013 to start a job at online auction house Paddle8. The 26-year-old's mother Duchess Fergie has long been a staple in the United States, often visiting to promote her books and lifestyle products.

Beatrice, who is sixth in line to the throne, will join sister Eugenie in the United States Photo: Getty Images

Beatrice's move comes just in time as Princess Madeleine of Sweden just announced she will leaving the Big Apple after spending several years here with financier husband Christopher O’Neill.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden made New York her home for several years Photo: Getty Images

We welcome all royals to our shores!

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